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Shadows of YogSothoth chapter one COMPLETE



After about 9 hours of play chapter on of the Shadows campaign is finished. No one died, but two of the three investigators are in the single digits of luck. Luck spending took all the punch out of the climactic villain. I am considering disallowing luck roles for combat. Then again, if not for the luck these characters would not survive to see chapter two!


the following blog is about to contain spoilers. It is all SPOILERS!!


Myron, Melborne, and Jackson have had some encounters with the mythos together. (Crimson Letters) This led them to making some friends and joining the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight. They enjoyed the cuisine, camaraderie and illegal booze offered by the club.


After some time they began to notice that there was something odd about the place, and the Head Philosopher John Scott.


As they looked deeper into the mystery of the club they ascended the ranks of membership achieving the level of Master. Eventually they were curious enough to gain access to the secret levels of the Hermetic Order, going as far as becoming Keepers of the Silver Gate.


after swearing an oath to Yog Sothoth the three realized they may have sullied their souls, as Prof. Armitage's guard dog at the Orn Library growled ferociously at them when they attempted to conduct a bit of research in the restricted section.


Eventually the three decided to explore the club after hours, finding a secret door in the basement floor which led them deep into the earth. Here they discovered ancient stonework wrought by a civilization that predated anything they had knowledge of.


They found cells and pits that contained unspeakable subhuman abominations.


They discovered an interesting Bas Relief depicting a squid headed monstrosity. They found star charts, books on science and astronomy. Then they rolled 02 on a spot hidden roll which revealed to them a secret compartment in a bookcase that contained the Necronomicon.


After finding this Greek translation of the fabled book they retreated to their own fortified underground bunker beneath Jackson's Auto Garage. It was here that the three (Jackson, Melborne, and Myron) poured over the unholy text, and made an Elder sign upon the door hoping to keep any evil from assailing them.


The following afternoon the three were interrupted from the study of the book by the odd phenomenon of a massacre of crows that had taken roost outside of the auto garage. Jackson was nearly pecked to death as he attempted to leave the area. They were being held prisoner within the garage.


Later John Scott arrived to ask for his book back. (necronomicon) They surrendered him the book. Melborne stayed hidden in the basement as Jackson and Myron were led away from the Auto Garage, forced into John Scotts automobile, and were driven to the Lodge of the Hermetic order.


Melborne followed them at a safe distance. He followed them into the basement, and down into the caverns below the earth.
Melborne was crafty and sneaky. He was never noticed as John Scott and his weird servant goons locked Myron and Jackson into a subterranean cell.


After John Scott left, Melborne released his friends and they discovered the jars and vials filled with the essential salts of deceased people. They deciphered the writing upon the wall and experimented with raising the dead from the salts via the spell written on the wall. They also discovered how to send the resurrected back to salt by reciting the word in reverse.


They were alerted to the return of John Scott by the howls of protest proclaimed from the lips of Melborne's girlfriend Lucy Stone. Apparently John Scott had left to apprehend the third member of the investigator trio, and settled on his girlfriend when he was unable to find Melborne at home.


There was a fight. Luck spends made John Scott's lethal magic punchless. Multiple handgun and sub-machine gun rounds were pumped into the warlock, but he seemed unaffected, despite the fountains of blood that sprayed fourth from his multiple wounds. Eventually, through hand to hand combat, and a lucky shot that blew out John Scott's knee he was subdued, and then fed the barrel of a fully loaded colt 1911. This handgun was then unloaded into John Scott's mouth leaving nothing but a bloody stump of a neck with a lower jaw bone attached.


Lucy Stone was rescued, as was an acquaintance of their's James Clark, from a cell below.


The bodies of John Scott and his goons were hauled to the pentagram in a torture chamber in the deepest level of the caverns, and the spell was reversed sending them back to essential salts.


Melborne and Jackson went to the hospital where they left James Clark. Jackson also stayed behind as he was horribly wounded from the fight with John Scott. Myron went upstairs into the club and had a drink. He had a fleeting conversation with Abner Wick, the owner of the antique store down the street. Wick said things that made Myron feel very uneasy, and he excused himself and went home to sleep.


Lucy Stone told Melborne she had had enough of Arkham MA. She had been given a supporting role in a large budget film that was to start filming next month in California. She said she was going, and wanted Melborne to move west with her. Melborne said he would consider it.


The next day the three grabbed early editions of the Arkham Gazette excited to see photo's from the crows that had descended upon Jackson's Auto Garage. The front page told a different story however... In the early hours of the morning, several children at the Arkham Orphanage had died mysteriously in the night from several fatal gunshot wounds.


With the exception of Jackson, the investigators realized that the children had been enchanted by John Scott to soak up any physical harm that might befall him, and the deaths of those children were caused by the bullets they had fired deep below the city of Arkham in ancient and forgotten caverns of misery and woe.


Whatever sanity they gained from completing chapter one was lost when they learned of this horrible development.


with the exception of Jackson Wilder of course, who only skimmed the story while happily munching his toast from his bed in the recovery wing of whatever hospital he was in. The story about the crows in section B got all his attention that morning.


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