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Supped Full with Horrors Part 3 - A Strange Meal and a Ruined Church



* * *


Jaimes found Dr. Whitewood and Huddleston a short time later.


“I hope you set her right, Jaimes,†Dr. Whitewood said.


“Yes,†the other man replied. “And luckily I did not have to show her my violin.â€


Dr. Whitewood’s eyebrows rose up.


“Despite her earlier demeanor, I sensed something off,†Jaimes said. “As you know, I went and spoke with her. She doesn’t seem to like it here. And a curious thing. She isn’t seen in the painting. But she told me that she didn’t want to sit for it because she calls her family here, she thinks of them as the same as pigs. Not that I wouldn’t blame her. She also relayed to me, and like I said I’m not very fond of her earlier demeanor, but she has let me know to not consume the meat.â€


“Okay,†Huddleston said. “Did she tell you anything about anything else?â€


“She didn’t. She did not seem to want to talk anymore. Make of that what you will but something isn’t right.â€


“Well,†Dr. Whitewood said. “That much is obvious.â€


“Well,†Huddleston said. “She’s part of a noble family that appears to be dying. Maybe she’s just upset that the family fortune is being lost.â€


“I’m not sure she’s after the money,†Jaimes said. “I’m not sure she really cares.â€


“I think we should find our other companions,†Dr. Whitewood said.


* * *


Lady Susan Loddington soon arrived at the kitchen door where Hawksworth and Godfrey waited. She seemed a little taken aback to see people there, stopping for just a moment before she continued towards the doorway.


“More friends of my husband, I see,†she said.


“Yes ma’am,†Godfrey said. “I see you have met our companions already.â€




“Yes, I do apologize for their behavior. Their manners are lacking at times.â€




“I would hope I─â€


“Our servants have left us as we have fallen upon hard times. My husband says … Mr. Godfrey?â€




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