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Random Call of Cthulhu

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Mythic CoC 02 - It's moving!




At the boarding house, the door was opened by a stolid looking Portuguese woman, a miss Ferreira. While seemingly not thrilled to have a visitor, I noticed her looking more than once at the cat on my shoulder with a soft expression, obviously another feline lover. After our exchange she went to fetch Watson who was fortunately at home and promply returned with a young man. If Jenkins had found him harried, I thought he looked positively haunted. Mrs Ferreira brought us lemonade and retired to the kitchen with my cat in tow.
I quickly explained my business and Watson was positively relieved. At least there would be no problem with acquiring the scrolls, he was a more than willing seller. I also learned that he was a librarian too, working at the public library. He explained to me that he had been plagued by nightmares lately, barely able to sleep at all, and the scrolls seemed to be linked with it. I was naturally excited if a little skeptic of his statement and asked to see the scrolls, to which he readily assented. We got up and climbed the stairs to his rooms.


We were met by a strange sight, Watson's muttering about not remembering to have left the door opened our only advance notice that something was wrong. Inside we found another young man hugging the scroll box to his chest, seemingly in a daze. When challenged by Watson he turned on us and began to shout in a strange language - I caught something like "Ia Ia Nyarlathothep!" amidst the gibberish erupting from his lips - before rushing us. The two of us where easily able to immobilize him especially since in his frenzy of incoherent moves he helped us by knocking himself out by hitting the doorjamb with his head. He was recognized as Stephen Wilkes, a young artist who rented the room next to Charles'.
When he came too, we began to interrogate him. He was very cooperative. In fact he seemed to have suffered from nightmares and a strange compulsion to approriate the scrolls. I proposed to take charge of the scrolls, immediately paying Watson what he wanted for them and invited them to come to my flat later in the afternoon, once I had performed a preliminary inspection of the box's contents. Both readily agreed and after saving my cat from Mrs. Ferreira's attentions, went back home.


During the rest of the afternoon, I studied both the box and the scrolls but couldn't make real progress. While I ascertained its Egyptian origin, I couldn't place the material the box was made of, the only piece of information I could gather came from a hieroglyph I was able to recognize from an entry in one of my Occult books on Egypt : it identified the Dark Pharaoh Nephren-Ka. Beyond this I had nothing to go on. I would have to enlist the help of one of the university professors...

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"Those who saw Nyarlahotep's horrific visions seemed as if he drained the light from the eyes of the witnesses."



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