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Random Call of Cthulhu

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Mythic CoC - Random Beginnings



A totally random solo game of Call of Cthulhu (started as a Trail game before I switched systems) played with the Mythic Game Master Emulator. Although it is said that good things come to those who wait (maybe terrible things too!), obviously one can't stay at home and hope for threads to come with the mail...


It was a hot summer morning during the year 1922. I was sitting in the study of my flat in Charlotte, North Carolina, drinking coffee while solving a chess problem and listening to the radio. My little gray cat, a faithful companion who accompanies me everywhere - even to work at King’s College where I officiate as a librarian - lay sprawled on the tiled floor, already trying to evade the heat that my old electric fan did little to alleviate.





I happened to glance at the clock and realized it was already ten o’clock. I teared myself away from the chessboard, turned the radio off and went to the front door to check for the mail. Nothing special, a piece of advertisement, a few bills… Back to the study I switched my attention to the newspaper which had been delivered at the same time. Nothing much of interest here either although I noticed an article by a friend of mine, John Masters.


On a whim I decided to pay a visit to Jenkins’ bookstore, I have a passion for the occult and he always makes sure to stock a few titles for me. Grabbing my hat and whistling to signal the cat to climb on my shoulder, I left the apartment block and boarded the tramway at the stop not fifty meters from my door. The air was stifling despite the early hour and I was glad to alight near my destination. I quickly entered the store, barely glancing at the books displayed behind the gilded windows.


Jenkins got up from behind the counter and came to greet me, earning a hiss from the cat on my shoulder. For whatever reason it never liked Jenkins. I enquired about new arrivals and was denied the joy of a prospective purchase. Here I was, with a few days off from work and nothing to alleviate my boredom…
That is when Jenkins mentioned the young man with a harried face who tried to sell him a box of scrolls which very well could have interested me. I looked very ancient but Jenkins had failed to recognize the language and did not dare purchase without any assurance he could make a profit out of it. Perhaps because of the lack of a better thing to do, my interest was piqued. It did take a few dollars to loosen his tongue, but in the end I left the store with a name and an address. The young man was named Charles Watson and roomed at a boarding house which I knew from my days as a student. I grabbed lunch at a nearby restaurant before heading there...


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