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The Vampire of Schwarzbrunn Part 2 - Nights of Terror



* * *


Adalbert volunteered to watch the body that evening but Abbot Winfried told him that would be unnecessary as they would bury the child before dark. The guard volunteered to help the villagers dig the grave in the cold, cold ground.


It took hours to dig in the frozen ground and the squad of villagers worked hard on it while others took to the woods in search of the last missing child: Maria.


As they worked on the grave between the village and the monastery under cloudy skies, one of the other villagers talked about the still-missing child, noting she was beautiful with short black hair and blue eyes. As he described the sweet young child, Adalbert suddenly realized she was the one that he had been having nightmares about every night. The description was perfect and he’d never seen the little girl before but was dreaming about a girl who matched her description exactly.


* * *


Father Weißwald searched out Fabian that day, finding the man alone in the scriptorium, copying and illustrating a manuscript. Brother Fabian was a lanky, tall monk with dark hair and dark, deep-set eyes. He blinked unnaturally often and his eyes were wet when the priest found him.


“So … horrible things happening to these children,†Father Weißwald said. “Strung up on the steeple. I’ve never seen anything like that before.â€


“Nor I,†Brother Fabian said, voice cracking. “Nor I. This is a terrible time.â€




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