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Shadows of Yog Sothoth



I have started running shadows of Yog Sothoth. In the first episode I wanted the characters to get to feel at home in the society... So after the ritual of joining to become neophytes they spent a great evening drinking illegal booze.


I described John Scott, and went into detail about how he was shaking their hand while meeting them. Each character got his own little handshake scene.


I did this mainly to try put the creeps into one of the characters, describing the way John Scott held his grip the whole time they were talking.


It seems I achieved the opposite effect!


I am not sure if my players are just roleplaying, or if they actually have what seems to be "man crushes" on John Scott.


I hope it is man crush!


There was some roleplaying, but actually a lot more bookkeeping! I had them rolling ticks from Crimson Letters, and I gave them bonuses to Credit Rating, and occult for joining the order.


I told them about how they have been going to meetings, but mostly hanging out, eating, drinking and smoking while having interesting conversations with fascinating people. They participated in the society blood drive!


This opening scene really felt more like an epilogue to Crimson Letters.


I think that linking the society to all the positive stuff like ability increase, will make the discovery of the dark side of the society more horrible for them.


I changed the name of the society to the Eye of Amara. I had mentioned this society earlier a few times in previous games. The hermetic order of the silver twilight is the secret society inside the Eye of Amara.


Rupert Merriweather is an NPC. He is from the Edge of Darkness scenario. I have him as a founding member of the Eye of Amara who is a little bothered by the new members, Sanford and Scott.


I might need him in case of character death, a TPK.


New characters can join the society and pick up the pieces after going through Edge of Darkness.


Just my little contingency plan.


Well! Tonight we game.


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