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yock's Lovecraftathon: The Street



Mainly just jotting down notes this time.

  • Crikey he really likes Britain (yes I already knew) - the "Blessed Isles"
  • Intriguing sense of space evolving over time, though as I read I can't help but think of the "Anno" series of city-building computer video games ...
  • I'm also thinking of Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" and incomers bringing their ideologies with them
  • Also nice evocation of cultural improvement of the locality
  • Oh but I really don't like the way it's going with "New kinds of faces appeared in the Street, swarthy, sinister faces with furtive eyes and odd features, whose owners spoke unfamiliar words ..." Mmmm!
  • He's also not very keen on France, I assume: "a dynasty had collapsed, and its degenerate subjects were flocking with dubious intent to the Western Land"
  • And more: "Swarthy and sinister were most of the strangers"

I really dislike the rest of this story, but then given the content it would never be a hit with me. It's a shame, because it started well for me. If he'd kept it as more supernatural / typical Lovecraftian other worldly foes I'd have been happier. As it is it's a rant against immigration, and that would never sit well with me, especially given the context of an American society originally founded by immigrants who subjugated the native inhabitants, and all relatively recently. Ah well, can't win them all.


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