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Crimson Letters TRADGEDY!



I have been playing the Crimson Letters scenario over skype with some friends. We play for a couple of hours every monday night.
Tonight I used a brand new USB microphone. The good news... I sound better than ever! The bad news? I didn't notice that the usb mic changed the audio input on the recording software. It recorded only my voice. nothing from the three players on skype made it on the audio track.


I don't have plans to podcast these games. I do find it very entertaining to listen back to them though. We have played and recorded seven sessions of games so far. I have noticed so many things about my Keeping that I don't like! I have been working on these perceived flaws. Recording my games has made me a better Keeper undoubtedly.


It also really simplifies my game prep. When I listen back to the previous session it is a great reminder of what happened, and it helps me to anticipate what might happen next. I sit down with the notebook, write down a few ideas, jot down some notes about NPC reactions... i spend about an hour. That is it. An hour! prep is done, and every session seems better than the last.


Tragically, I do not have my audio file to listen to this week. I thought we were going to finish it up tonight, but alas. We need one more session!!!!


So.. I am going to do this the old fashioned way and blog the doings that transpired this monday evening.


Are you ready?


Melborne and Myron drove to Jackson Wilder's auto garage. Jackson was just finishing up repairing some vehicle. They told him what they had learned....


1.) Abner Wick at Unconsidered Trifles antique store was aware that Leitner had the Arkham Witch Papers. He offered Leitner a handsome sum of money for them, but Leitner decided to shop them around some more.
Abner told them that the safest place for the papers would be with himself, and that he knew how to "take care of them" and protect Arkham from the horror they contained. Melborne and Myron also related that they had a bad feeling about this guy Abner.


2.) There was a bus crash at the Arkham City limits last night. No one survived the crash, and all were horribly mangled except for the passenger Lucy Stone, who was not among the dead and is unaccounted for.


3.) In the early afternoon Cecil Hunter was broken out of the Arkham Asylum and is currently at large.


4.) Harold Roach and Amelia Court are missing from the University. There was blood on the floor of Court's office, her jacket and coat were still hanging from her chair. There was also blood on a desk sized copy of Rodan's "The Lovers" statue.


5.) Part of the Arkham Witch papers where on the desk in their office. (the less interesting parts) They have been returned to a very relieved Dean Fallon.


The three investigators drove to Harold Roach's house.


In the basement they found Lucy Stone and Amelia Court bound and gagged in the basement. Harold roach was lying dead of a massive head wound, and Cecil Hunter was drawing strange symbols on the concrete basement wall with a thick piece of chalk.


Possessed by the thing in the papers, Cecil charged the investigators with a length of iron pipe. Myron shot him in the leg, and Jackson blasted him in the knee. Cecil crumpled to the ground, but resisted being restrained as if he felt no pain at all. Melborne prepared a rag soaked in ether from his doctor bag and successfully administered the drug to Cecil. Cecil passed out.


Jackson surveyed the room While Melborne and Myron freed the girls. Melborne made sure that Roach was indeed dead. Jackson found the remaining witch papers. All three copies were in the basement. The papers were scooped into Melborne's doctor bag. Cecil was placed in the trunk of the car, and the girls in the back seat with Melborne. They drove them to Miskatonic university.


Jackson entertained the girls with an impromptu sock puppet show in the car while Melborne and Myron carried the papers to Dean Fallon.


Fallon had gone home for the day. They then took the papers to the Orne Library hoping to have then safely filed away in the restricted section. Here they met Henry Armitage who looked over the papers. These were the diary of Keziah Mason and detailed a curse she called down upon the members of the jury who sentenced her to death for being a witch. It called for the death of these men and their families by way of "the beast" The blood of these people would then open a gate by which she could return to our dimension through space and time. There was also a page describing a ritual for summoning the beast complete with symbols and instructions in phonetic Sumerian!


Armitage agreed they were dangerous and locked them away in the restricted area, thanking the men for returning the papers to the University.


The girls had their sanity restored by the hilarious antics of Jackson Wilder's sock puppet. He had used the sock many times before in the war to lift the spirits of the men in the trenches.


The five of them (plus Cecil in the boot) drove to Amelia courts house. Melborne stayed with the girls while Myron drove Jackson and Cecil (who was moved to the backseat) to the Arkham Sanitarium. Morphine was given to Cecil, as well as smelling salts. When Cecil came to Jackson interrogated him about how he broke out of the Sanitarium. Cecil told him that Lucy Stone had torn off the grate from his window and pulled him out. He said she was covered in mud and had black and red worms writhing from her mouth. Her eyes glowed red. He was scared of her, and that is all he remembers.


Back at Amelia Court's house, Melborne Hypnotizes Lucy Stone to find out what happened to her after he dropped her at the bus station. She remembered falling asleep then waking up in Roach's basement. Roach attacked her and she hit him hard with a pipe. Then Cecil hunter was there. He glared at her with red eyes, and she blacked out! Then Lucy's eyes rolled in her head and she told Melborne that the chosen were to become one. To free the beast, the beast with two backs must be made. Melborne asked who the chosen ones were. Lucy replied...


You Are, Amelia is, Cecil, and Me.


It was about then that Myron and Jackson came through the door carrying Cecil. They decided he was innocent, and suffering from possession just as Melborne had been earlier, and that Lucy stone was the evil one!


Melborne was visibly shaken and said that the four of them should not be in the same room together!


Amelia Court said that was fine with her, and demanded that everyone leave, except Lucy, who she invited to stay.


The three investigators left with Cecil. They fed him more Morphine and dropped him off at the sanitarium... ding dong ditch style.


The three then went out for a nice steak diner and discuss plans.


They figured that they had solved the case and hoped that **** got back to normal soon.


They left together and dropped Melborne off with his car at Jackson's auto shop. As Jackson drove away with Myron riding shotgun he looked back surprised to see that Melborne had not gotten into his car, and was making his way across people's yards. He was heading toward Miskatonic University.


Melborne's eyes were glowing red.


Here endeth the session.




it was our best yet.


I am so crabby that the audio didn't record. The players roleplayed so awesome.




they didn't fix anything, and the fit is going to hit the shan next week.


big time.


big league.

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Shimmin Beg


That sucks :( I've lost audio before and it's always a big disappointment.  I do the same as you, use it to refresh my memory - and sometimes listen back to old games just to enjoy them again.

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