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The Crimson Letters



Playing in person has gotten to be something of a pipe dream for me. I have now managed to run a game on three consecutive Mondays in a row over Skype with some old high school friends.


While the two previous games went well, they did not satisfy like a normal game around the table.


Tonight was different. It was better. I am not sure if I am just getting accustomed to playing over skype, or if I am forgetting what a normal game is like.


Probably a little of both.


Tonight we started playing "The Crimson Letters" from the 7th ed book. I really like this scenario. It is different.


There is a murder and some missing mythos papers to find. Then there is a list of NPCs that are involved with the case. Each NPC has a quick bio, some roleplaying suggestions, and reasons why they may have taken the papers.


I get to choose who did it.


It gives a few locations, some clue ideas, and a bit about the monster and suggestions how to destroy it.


That is pretty much it.


I really like this format. It is simple and flexible. It gives me just enough to get my creativity primed... Then it steps back and let's me run it.


From now on, I am going to try see if I can't simplify any scenario I run to fit this sort of format.


It allows me to focus more on the actions of the players to help push the story along. This cuts way down on my prep time.


Well, it is a great little scenario. If you have the means check it out!


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