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Azathoth: Cold and Gold



"it is said, that, beneath all the chaos, there is an underlying pattern of perfect order."


Once, there was no change, no entropy. Only the pattern and everything that belonged, designed and created to suit its purpose.
Today, the pattern remains, but only in tatters, warped in new ways. From the echoes of the pattern came change and thought; driven by the "divine spark" that dwells within any sentient creature. Are these the fragments of Azathoth's lost mind?

It is not gold that spreads through the world now, the fragments are tugging at their vessels, they want to pull back together. It corrupts the world, spreading, consuming.
We must stop this... We must.
If we do not...
If the Daemon Sultan sits it's form once more...
The pattern will be remade.
There will be nothing but cold and gold once more...


Just some random thoughts on what if Azathoth was once a creature of absolute order, until he went fruitloops and the fragments of his mind scattered, allowing creatures to perceive the world (mores the pity). Naturally, these fragments see the current state of the universe as an abomination, and craves to "tip back the balance" and create a unliving, undying world of perfect order.


Take your pick what's worse.


"You crave a purpose, stability, an answer to the question "Why am I here?". I can grant you it..."


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