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Horror From the Shed



Finished running "The Horror From the Shed" from the Blasphemous Tome by the Good Friends of Jackson Elias. We played over Skype. I dropped in elements from The Crimson Letters" from the 7th ed keepers book, pretty much using "Horror From the Shed" as an intro to that adventure.


Charles Leitner contacted a couple Miskatonic students to help him appraise the property of a Mrs. Holden. She willed a box of items to Miskatonic (Arkham witch papers). The rest of her estate was to be auctioned off. The proceeds to be split between the Daughters of the American revolution and Jackson Wilder ( her nephew).


Jackson made friends with the Miskatonic students, Myron and Melbourne, while Charles Leitner made off with the witch papers.


While appraising the Holden property, Jackson, Myron and Melbourne encountered the deranged cemetery grounds keeper Gerald Rose. Gerald was an ex Miskatonic mycology professor experimenting with a mi-go fungal strain that reanimated fresh corpses from the grave yard.


It ended in a bloodbath, with all investigators surviving the ordeal. The police involved wanted nothing to do with the reality of the situation.


Gerald Rose went down as a twisted necrophiliac, and his home, shed, wife, and zombie friends all met a firey end.


It was tons of fun, and we will start The Crimson Letters next Monday.


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