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Robinson Gruesome



I ran my first game over Skype this evening. It went pretty well, i think. I played with a random stranger i met on YSDC. I certainly felt a bit nervous or self conscious. It is something I have been wanting to do for some time now, and I finally frikkin did it! So I am happy now. Whew. We played a selection from monophobia ( which I learned about from YSDC). Robinson Gruesome was the scenario. The character pretty much ran headlong into danger. He was marooned on this island in Micronesia you see... He survived a shark attack, found shelter, water, food.. and was torn asunder and devoured by a lovecraftian monster after being on the island for about 36 hours.


My next personal goal is to run something for more than one person.


You know.... It was fun. It was nice to play with a new person. The Skype worked well.


I think that sitting around a table playing with people is the best way to play, but there isn't anything wrong with playing over skype.


It is way better than not playing at all!


I probably should not have drank that espresso though. Next time I will pour a glass of Old Crow bourbon.


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