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Winter Writings

Shimmin Beg


So it's been a hell of a year in various ways, but I have made some progress with various bits and pieces.


I'm pleased to have turned out a reasonably functional version of my second major scenario (a second Gaslight Lincolnshire piece) and am waiting to hear back - I've had some nice initial feedback that I need to act on.


I've also managed to do a little fiction writing, which is always nice, and worked on a couple of non-Lovecraftian RPG projects because that's the butterfly-like way I work.


My list of scenario ideas and works in progress grows ever longer. As well as my third Gaslight scenario on the back burner awaiting inspiration, I've got a string of things I'd really like to have the time and energy to attack properly. Alas, employment intervenes... I am trying to work on a rather different, pulpy scenario at present (one of several scenarios I've got a decent chunk of written). I'm actually finding this harder in some ways though.


My previous scenarios have tended to be more about presenting a situation for the characters to explore, mostly built around exploration and piecing together clues. This one is more about events. I want to make it a lighter, pacier scenario (given my last two clocked in around the 100 page mark) with much less in the way of elaborate clue networks, using fewer punchier clues instead.


In theory this should mean considerably less work, which would be great. In practice, I'm not used to it and I suspect it's not my natural style. On the other hand, I could really do with being able to knock out a scenario in less than six months, so I want to keep going. I hit the four-hour completed scenario mark once and I'd really like to get there again...


It is frustrating having so many ideas, but not having the time or focus to work on them all though!


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