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I ran the Haunting Saturday night for my brother and my old friend Carl. It was Carl's first game of CoC. Almost cancelled the game because our other friend couldn't make it, but decided to just go with two players anyway.


They played a couple of Miskatonic University students back in Boston for spring break 1922!! Mort, and Patrick. Mort decided to help out his brother in law with "the house".


Patrick scored an extreme success while charming the receptionist at the Boston Harald. She ended up going with them to the haunted house.


That worked out awesome, as Walter Corbit dominated her. If it wasn't for Nancy (the receptionist) the two investigators would have had to battle each other..


In the end no one died except for Mr. Corbit. Lead pipe to the dome. Three times.


Mort was down to two hit points, but made it through.


Everyone passed every sanity roll!! They ended the adventure more sane than when they started.


It was fun




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