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Burning bridges.



Well I've done it again I've left game after just one session,its becoming a worrying habit if I'm honest. As I recently left my regular online group due to feeling disconnected from the story and the Players and feeling like we as Players had begun playing a very linear style of game ignoring all the story threads and just concentrating on the main clue to take us to the next location...and if I'm being really honest there was a conflict of play styles and a creeping rules change that I was resistant to.Not that playing with the Seventh edition rules would have wrecked anything (Even though I'm not 100% behind all the changes) but I wanted to stay with the rule set the campaign started with over a year ago.
So that was that, it was an odd break up as well but well that's another story (Is it odd that I refer to it as a break up?)
So no more Cthulhu online gaming for me it seems but then I get an e-mail saying they are trying out the new Delta Green rules and do I want to roll up an Agent?
Well the answer was YES! and it was pretty painless experience I was able to get my new character up and running fairly quickly and with his Bonds etc in place I was ready to go




The game was Lover in the Ice and I had heard it was a cool game (Pun intended) so I was really hyped to be playing it but it started out badly and for me just got worse.
Some of the problems could have been fixed if we had been using Roll20 or some such as there was a few WALL OF TEXTS that had to be read out by the Handler and which would have made cool handouts that we could refer back to later but it ended up with the Handler just reading them out whilst we listened to him and tried to make notes quick enough to keep up with him.
And then we started and with the worst briefing ever which was basically "I cant tell you anything or give you anything but hey you can call me oh wait there is a hundred miles of Ice between us soooo never mind" and there was really one option to get an item of needed kit because the last convoy was pulling out now and we needed to be on it.
I started to think the Handler was being deliberately difficult but on we went with a forced sense of urgency and we played it badly here I guess because we weren't sure how the new Delta worked so no one really introduced their character, did they still use codenames that sort of thing.


There was another wall of text and then we arrived at our destination and in a situation that could have resulted in some cool role-play but which just ended with helpful N.P.C appearing pretty damn quickly and telling us stuff and even after a roll was made that told us she was uncomfortable talking about a particular person (The person we were looking for amazingly enough) she weirdly carried on and did us about him.
We as a group were also weirdly over helpful to her in return offering to visit him and take him coffee and soup (I know F.E.M.A cares but this much?) we then set up camp in the person of interests temporary office (Handy) and found some clues, getting these clues involved finding a computer that had been left on with some interesting information on it and an oddly hidden password which was used to gain access to a program that would become handy later on but for the moment was a case of and so?
We then went in search of suitable vehicle and headed to the sites motor pool where we ran into the second helpful N.P.C/Data dump, we did have to make some rolls to be fair but he was still way to eager to spill. He was a cop and he wanted help on a case he was working on, a case that meant he had been hanging around the motor pool for a couple of days whilst the rest of the Police department saved lives and did disaster relief in a so far vain attempt to get access to some information in fact he was so keen to get help he ended up taking the character who said he used to work for the F.B.I to the morgue to see the suspected murder victim and then he allowed the Player to search, photograph the corpse and remove samples of a mysterious liquid that was coming out from a previously missed wound, not bad considering he had just met the Players character five minutes ago so who knows what he would have let him do after a few days of knowing him.
There was some more weirdness like this from both us the Players and the N.P.Cs but what broke me was a rule, the skill level rule to be precise.
We found an ammo can with Portuguese writing on it next to a whole raft of notepads which when read would mention South America but we needed skills of 60% in Military science or a 40% in history to get the clue and none of us had those skills at that level so the Handler said "Nope you cant do anything" and that struck me as crazy the person with History at 30% could not even roll to get something but that's the new rule it seems (There is a way around but we didn't know it at the time)
Like I said I thought the guy running the game was being awkward but after I quit I read the adventure and whilst certain things with hindsight could have been portrayed differently the adventure itself was awkward and clunky, the bad briefing was given word for word from the adventure, the weird N.P.CS were there and the annoying the silliness over getting radios was also there.
I apologized to the Handler later and he accepted but the damage had been done I had said I quit so the bridge had been burnt and to be honest I still felt that odd disconnect from the other Players so that was that and the end of my last stint with them sadly :cry:


Has anyone else come across that rule in the new Delta Green? does it make sense or can you still get some information (Rule You need the skill at a certain level to work out the information you cant roll for it even if you have the required skill but not at the required level.)


Sorry for the rambling nature of this post but its late and I wanted to get this down before I forgot.


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Yeah, I know the rule your talking about. Sounds like your GM hasn't interpreted the rules correctly. This element of the new DG rules looks to be based on Gumshoe - i.e. if a character has the skill at the relevant level then they get the clue to advance the story. It gets around the roll to find and fail situation that causes investigations to potentially fall at a hurdle they shouldn't.


The important point though is that the section with that rule in starts off by saying "The Handler determines if, when, and what you roll". If I'd have been GMing the game, I would have asked for skill levels, seen no-one could easily do it and asked for a skill roll. Alternatively, I might have said someone with a skill level near to the requisite value could get the clue, but getting it would take longer or burn some resource. If the players wanted the clue faster, then I'd have asked for a roll. Failure may have still got them the clue, but had other negative implications.

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Alternatively, I might have said someone with a skill level near to the requisite value could get the clue, but getting it would take longer or burn some resource. If the players wanted the clue faster, then I'd have asked for a roll. Failure may have still got them the clue, but had other negative implications.



I think that could be the way we go in later games as its a good idea and stops the whole "Nope you can't get that information, err... so any idea what to do next?" problem

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