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Session #4 - R.I.P. Walter Corbitt, Esq.



Well, had the 4th session yesterday, and everyone enjoyed themselves a great deal. In re-reading the 7E rules, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Indefinite Insanity didn't render a character out-of-commission, merely significantly more emotionally fragile and susceptible to Bout of Madness. This meant that Helen the Antiquarian was still playable if the player wanted to risk it, and she did, so she went along to the Corbitt house where the séance was going to be held.


The investigators showed up at the house, and immediately made for the basement to deal with the flying dagger. Negotiating the stairs proved tricky, as they also wanted to leave Helen upstairs due to her "fragile state" (half HP and Indefinite Insanity) - and poor Helen fainted (Bout of Madness) when she witnessed Ophelia the Medium telekinetically move John the Handyman's axe into the basement rather than throw it. But, they discovered the hidden crawlspace and the "Chapel of Contemplation" and after having to deal with the rats that swarmed him (to little effect), John the Handyman soon opened the Chapel and...


Was promptly Dominated by Corbitt (though the players all thought he'd been possessed).


Luckily, Luigi the Mafioso tackled him and managed to hold him down long enough for the Domination to pass. After this, they entered the Chapel and immediately decided that they needed to burn the body - which prompted an immediate dagger attack that Impaled Ophelia the Medium (luckily, it's Pulp Cthulhu!). With this, they quickly started gather materials to set light to their bier, at which point Corbitt decided to attack physically.


Cue a Bout of Madness when John the Handyman blew his roll (Fear of Zombies inflicted a Penalty die on his Sanity check) and he not only went Indefinitely Insane, but went berserk as the "red mist rose" and he started yelling about Huns and trenches, - which went fine until Luigi the Mafioso gave up on trying to wrestle the Corbitt and rolled an Impale with his Police Special, drilling Corbitt between the eyes.


Meanwhile, Ophelia the Medium was quite annoyed because she destroyed the papers on the table trying to gather them up, and she is quite worried that they are what the party was looking for.


John the Handyman turned on Luigi the Mafioso in his Red Rage and basically beat all-but-to-death - reducing him to 0HP but failing to inflict a major wound. All the while of which the two women continued to try and start a fire under Corbitt's body to burn it and hopefully stop what they believed was another possession. After dealing with Luigi, John rounded on Ophelia the Medium, she managed to Dodge his bull's rush, which resulting in him plowing into the wall where he recovered his senses (the Bout terminating that round).


The party relaxed a bit when Helen the Antiquarian carefully removed the chain and jewel from around Corbitt's neck and the body crumbled to nothingness. They extinguished the fire, carefully replaced the boards in the basement that had hidden the Chapel, and returned home because Ophelia the Medium decided that doing a Séance again so quickly would be a poor idea...


Some Thoughts:

  1. Wow, I totally missed that luck replenishes after each session, not after each chapter... Everyone is going to get a massive luck boost!
  2. While I was originally going to move directly into Edge of Darkness, I wanted to give the group a bit of a break. There have been many skill checks, some Sanity gains, but with two out of four/five Investigators suffering from Indefinite Insanity, I decided that since we might have as long as month till the next game (schedules this time of year suck) that we'd say the Investigator's get a month's break for Downtime - and both Helen and John managed to shake their Indefinite Insanity's so they'll be much less fragile during the trip to Wisconsin.
  3. Helen's Bouts of Madness resulted in her initial love of science and dawning of a new age turned into a dreaded knowledge of things man did not want to discover or know, plus a mania for opening things.
  4. John's Bout of Madness resulted in a tweak of focus with his Favored possession (the pocket bible which saved his life during the Great War by blocking a bullet) in that it doesn't remind him that G-d protects folks, but that the dead will walk again on Judgement Day, and the fear that that day has come. (Dovetailing with his Phobia of Zombies, and the cause of his Bout).


In any case, much fun was had and everyone is looking forward to the next installment.






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