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Session #1 - Your friend, Mr. Rupert Merriweather is in the hospital...



I had a flash of inspiration as I was figuring out how the group knew each other (some did, some didn't), and decided to run The Haunting and Edge of Darkness as one longer, interlinked scenario.

I led with Edge of Darkness, and the quest giver mentioned that he feared that you would need hidden papers that belonged to the former leader of his group. Quest-Giver is lingering to allow some additional time to do research that leads to Haunting. Said former leader lived for a period of time in the house from Haunting for reasons. I kind of mixed the timelines up a bit as I riffed on the history from both Haunting and Edge when one player (the Occultist) talked to one of her contacts who was horrified that she was evening thinking about around the affairs of said deceased leader - and gave some details of the history of Haunting that should to lead to further investigation. Since they haven't done any real research on the inhabitants of the Haunting yet, I can tweak the dates to make sense.

Comments were made that leader of the group and former inhabitant of the house had been, *ahem*, cohabitating together - And Things Were Said About That In Polite Society.

My "problem" is that the Antiquarian is running down a relatively useless rabbit hole trying to translate the hieroglyphics on the gold box after blowing their roll, and the pushed roll, to read them and ignoring a series of other clues that they could be investigating (and that would probably give them the translation also) - this also keep her driver, the Handyman, occupied because she forgot to let him go off and help the others. The Agency Detective and the Hitman found the location of the house in their investigations and decided to investigate (by the flames of their zippo lighters because neither had come prepared), were attacked, and fled.


I'm leaving Marion Allen as the head of the college group, but added that he was living with a Corbitt (that's where I messed up timelines a bit in my riff, so I've added a mysterious, previously unknown nephew who took over the house shortly after Corbitt's death and who then disappears from history after Allen murdered). I'm envisioning him as a protégé of Corbitt, who may very well have been involved with getting the gold box. Perhaps there was a falling out, I'm going to kind of leave it a mystery to be explored later or invented as needed in the moment.


I'm doing a last bit of research over the next week, but at the moment I'm thinking of placing further north, into the Evanston area perhaps. I may simply just place it further west as well, but I think keeping an urban feel is important to contrast with the rural house the Dark Brotherhood was using...


The Mafioso is also somewhat freaking out trying to figure out what this Rupert M. guy was doing that his boss owed him a favor as "a friend of the family" - again, to be left for later to figure out or make up as inspired if I need it.

All-in-all, everyone seemed to enjoy their first day of playing - so it's a win.



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