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Session #2 - "Der ain't nuttin in dat room but drippin blood and an angry bed"



Today was a good day and everyone had loads of fun. First the PI bribed the desk sergeant enough money to actually just give him the file on the police raid (Based on the contents I'm surprised it hadn't "gone missing" before frankly) thenhe got called off to work (because the player had to go to work) and the rest of the party tromped over to the Corbitt house to investigate it - being slightly spooked to find out that it had been all locked up again (they currently suspect the missing pastor from the Church of Contemplation), breaking in they investigated the ground floor again, and then the upper floor - where the antiquarian and the Mafioso were first puzzled by blood dripping from the ceiling, and then after hearing noises outside the window went over to investigate - both then being knocked out by the moving bed...


Cue more shenanigans that finally culminated with the local beat cop interrogating them, falling for the "we're looking to buy the place and accidently broke a window" (the APP80/Charm75 Femme Fatale Occultist batted her eyelashes at him) but escorted them away after the Mafioso managed to stealth his way past him after nearly being knocked out of the window by the table again. The next day the antiquarian met with the owner of the Corbitt House, Mr. Knott, while the Mafioso tried to discover what he could about the Macarrio's by talking to "Father Matteo" his local priest who seemed convinced that they'd gotten what they had coming, while the Medium/Occultist wandered over to the ruins of the Chapel of Contemplation and discovered it's secrets - which also included that many, many more people had died there and for many more years than was in the police report - most of the Africans. On a whim I merely placed it on the unspecified edge of Lincoln Park (the actual park), which also means it is built near to the mass graves of cholera/typhus victims.


They continue to build up an idea via rumors and heresay that both the Corbitts, plus Marion Allen, were very bad news - and that Church was as bad or worse. They are definitely getting a bit paranoid with the level of cover-up regarding the raid, and with the vehemence with which people speak poorly of everyone involved 10+ years on.


The party still has not gotten back into the basement of the Corbitt House...




EDIT: On a last note, one of players today not only organized a player's journal to help her organize her own thoughts, but also spent several hours putting together her character's handwritten journal (this included a trip to two stores to find the right leather journal...). She is loving the mystery aspect of the game and is quite excited to be doing this level of detail work for her character. She's also going to pick up an appropriate locket to represent her characters favored/key possession.




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