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Session #3 - The Opener of the Ways



The game picked up again at around 2AM of the same evening that they had gone to speak with Mr. Knott, the owner of the Corbitt House (see above). I had decided that things need a jolt of energy, so given the determined (and in the case of one person, repeated) poking around despite clearly haunted happenings, Things Got Real.


The Medium and the Antiquitarian woke to the sounds of something mving around down in the foyer (the Mafioso fumbled his Listen roll and was sleeping quite deeply, while the Handyman sleeps above the garage) - and investigated only to find an Opener of the Ways shambling its way up the stairs!


(Yeah, it you can't scare 'em off, kill 'em off - besides, there is at least one scary one aka The Medium)


The rest was a comedy of errors in some ways.


The Medium made her San check, and while the Antiquarian failed hers, she also failed her Idea roll, so while the Antiquarian threw vases and a table at the Opener, the Medium unloaded her single shot, and the used her telekinesis to knock back down the stairs when it continued to advance. The Medium then fumbled, and managed to somehow fall down the stairs herself.


William the butler appeared, only to be casually backhanded out of the way by the beast, to suffer a broken back and neck. The Mafioso finally woke up and charged out (also making his Sanity check) as the Medium used her Cthulhu Mythos to spontaneously use magic in an attempt to dismiss it - while that didn't work, it did refuse to attack her and focused all of it's attention on the others present. He managed to get a couple of shots off, but did not managed to bring the monster down.


The Opener of the Ways blink/blurred/jumped to the top of the stairs and grabbed the Antiquarian while the Mafioso decided to try to kick in the "nads" instead of shooting it (perhaps not the greatest choice, but...) - only to watch in as that had no effect and the beast all but gutted the Antiquarian. At this point the Handyman had finally managed to come running in, with a cording axe in hand and managed to impale it on the first strike - definitively gutting it!


Unfortunately, it also bleed out and dissolved into the unconscious and on the brink of death with massive open wounds Antiquarian - and both the Handyman and the Mafioso failed their San checks when they watched as the ichor was adsorbed into the wounds with the same unwholesome shimming and blurring effects that the beast had displayed. They both went temporarily insane, the handyman fainting, the Mafioso becoming massively paranoid for a short period of time.


At about the same time the cook and the maid ventured forth, say the body of the butler, and promptly blew their San checks, also fainting and having hysterics. Managing to get the Antiquarian into bed, and treating her wounds, a local police officer showed up because of the commotion, who then called the sergeant, who eventually called the Detective because things where just too chaotic and weird. Especially when the Antiquarian woke up, while this vile ichor flowing through her veins, promptly blew her Sanity check, and then went Indefinitely insane, attempting to rip open her bandages in order to reach inside of herself and hold herself together because "she was fraying"


This required the Mafioso to hold her down, just as the maid recovered and entered, who then freaked out seeing "that Eye-talion mobster" holding her bloody, half-naked employer down in bed...


(This is where the sergeant gave up and called the Detective, also the Handyman was able to remember the name of the Antiquarian's psychoanalyst who came over and started given all of the women things to calm them down...)


After some interrogation, where conflicting stories ended up giving the impression that the Mafioso was the Antiquarian's secret lover, the police finally left and the party was able to get some rest and peace (admittedly, some of it with drugs).


The next week was taken up with talking to Mr Knott (who agreed after a handful of days thought and inquiry) to allow the Medium to "hold her séance or whatever and get to the bottom of whatever plagued the house", reading the Corbitt Diaries where the Medium figured what it was that had attacked them, researching the history of the Corbitt House some more and coming up with a plethora of articles, and healing up from all the damaged that they took.


We'll be picking up as they decide to investigate the Corbitt House further, most likely venturing into the basement again given what they have learned about Walter Corbitt's will.


Some Thoughts On 7E and Pulp Cthulhu-


Combat was quite easy and flowed very nicely, the Pulp rules made it survivable where it would have otherwise like have been lethal. I bulked up Opener a bit by giving a 7point Flesh Ward, but overall it was challenge without being a potential party wipe.


The new Sanity mechanics are fun and also flowed pretty well once I got my mind around the changes. I'm looking forward to tweaking the details of the three characters who suffered Insanity - the Handyman (who is phobic of the walking dead) is now unable to ignore the curious y-scar that covers most of his chest, I'm not sure what will happen with the Mafioso or the Antiquarian. I am going to use this situation to give the Antiqutarian some potential pulpy mystic abilities of some sort if she chooses to develop them.


The entire group had a blast and is looking forward to the next session.




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