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Student investigators



The Time to Harvest campaign dovetailed nicely with my desire to use the M.U. sourcebook rules for generating student investigators.


A Time to Harvest is centered on the Miskatonic University.


Making a student with the MU rules is basically the same as normal, but with lowered skill points.


Players select classes and extra curricular activities every semester to increase the skills they have (through learning at the school)


It will take a long time to make characters this way. The benefit I see by using this system is that if a group gets together and rolls up the character semester by semester.... There is a great opportunity for story telling during creation.... Explaining why you failed French 101 (rolling a fumble on the grade roll).


What class can improve the sneak skill?


If you want to improve sneak... Maybe join a fraternity and roll to see if you are successful at smuggling a keg onto the campus.


Want to improve brawling? Join the hockey team!


By the time the students graduate, players will know exactly why the stats are what they are, making the characters easier to roleplay. It should also provide lots of opportunities for the players to establish connections to other players' characters.


There are less skill choices in 7th ed. It looks like students will have some inflated scores due to this. (If they survive until graduation)


It seems fine to me, if the characters are a bit more gifted. It would be a shame to put all the extra work into character generation only to die once things got weird. It is also a reward for playing "college pretend" rather than "call of Cthulhu"


It is actually pretty fun though, really.




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