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Keeping the ball rolling

Shimmin Beg


So things have descended into a certain amount of inactivity on this blog, basically because my attention is elsewhere. I still plan to write up my experiences running The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps more thoroughly, but have been sidetracked.


My main reason is that I've moved almost seamlessly into writing another scenario, also set in Gaslight Lincolnshire. I'm actually trying something a bit different here and at Paul's suggestion I have a thread in the Silver Lodge where I'm posting about the writing process as I do it. On the downside, I'm afraid this does mean it's only visible to Patrons. I'm hoping the interactive nature of the forum will lend itself more to people chipping in or critiquing, and also handle the sheer amount of material better. However, I'll try to put up occasional posts about Incredibly Mysterious Scenario here. I suppose to some extent I'm also a bit loath to put quite that much information about a scenario up for public viewing, as it will be extremely spoilery and writing it is likely to take a good while (Perishing took 2 years). The semi-private nature of the Lodge makes me more comfortable spilling every bean in sight.


I'm still making occasional tweaks to Perishing based on the feedback from my group. I've added a map in one section, so players can piece information together themselves instead of just getting the explanation from the Keeper. I still need to make a timeline.


Otherwise, I'm just generally a bit busy right now. I've got a bunch of non-Cthulhu blogging to catch up on, some translations to finish, and I hope to review The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack here once I've finished the remaining stories (though I'm interspersing them with other stuff to cleanse my palate). There's also some family-related busyness, and sadly my current full-time job doesn't leave slack time for extensive blogging and reviewing the way some previous jobs have.


One other thing that'll show up sooner or later is another Cthulhu prop, but I'm waiting until it's safely reached its destination. The writeup of Perishing is slow because I need to listen back to the recording to make sure I get things right, and to take editing notes as I go.


As my players said, it takes a ... very particular type of person to spend two years writing a scenario, and the butterfly-like nature of my interests is a big part of that.


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Oh cool, gaslight adventures!  Certainly worth redoing my patronage later so I can take a look at it.

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