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Cults Across America




I am still working my way through the Miskatonic University source book, hoping to assimilate the contents before I present it to the kids.


I decided to dust off the old "Cults Across America" by Atlas games for this sunday's recreation. This is the first time I have played this game with 5 players, and it was a lot of fun. I would recommend this game to anyone. You get a +1 to combat rolls if you control the Miskatonic marching band!


My brother won.


If you do get this game, I advise buying another, larger map of the USA to use as a game board.


Here is a pic of the board that comes with the game on top of the map I eventually used.


I used a sharpie to make the Map into a game board.

There just isn't enough room on the board that comes with the game to fit all the counters.


It is like playing a demented game of Risk, with the necronomicon and Cthulhu and the dreamlands.


We are all new to playing Call of Cthulhu. Board games like this help to switch tracks from D&D.


I hope! I think?


I have no idea why a game that takes so much more work to prepare and so much game time is spend in libraries, is more exciting than massacring trolls and looting dungeons.




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