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What Did I Learn Today?



After finishing the game session yesterday, I had a feeling that I did a poor job.
It wasn't until after I wrote up the synopsis that I realized things went just fine!


My main problem was that I had spent time making some great props.


I rewrote the newspaper article from Edge of Darkness, and made up another
one of my own that I typed up as well. I used the PDF newspaper editor thing
I found through the Cthulhu Reborn site. It makes for very handsome and realistic
looking newspaper clippings. I also printed off a photograph of the boys from the
"dark brotherhood" to include with the journal of Rupert Merriweather. (thanks to Augustus for putting it in the forums)


I really wanted to get to these cool props sometime during the game!


It never happened.


I introduced the players to the scenario in a different way than what is printed in the book.
Because of this there was no reason their characters would have gone to any trouble to
research anything (outside of metagaming.)


The players are too inexperienced with the game for that to be an issue.
They are as babes groping about in the dark.


So what did I learn?


1.) If I really want to players to get a certain handout (or anything for that matter) make it an obvious thing for them to achieve.
2.) Be patient and have more confidence in myself as a storyteller.
3.) Don't fret if a two hour scenario takes six hours to complete. As long as there is action and intrigue and it is not boring,
playing is playing!
4.) a night's rest and morning reflection is all the perspective I need to figure out how to advance the story from
where the players ended up leaving it.
5.) the best form of preparation is to read the adventure a few times. Not to memorize, but to Visualize!




When it comes down to it...


did we make some skill checks? YES
did we find clues? YES
did we lose some sanity? YES
did we see a dead body? YES
did we encounter the Mythos? YES
did anyone die or go insane? YOU BET!
do they want to play next week? YES


It was a good game.
I can see places where I could improve.
I look forward to next sunday.




Recommended Comments

Yeah, sounds like a success to me.


Scenario timings are difficult.  You never know what the baseline is.  It's really down to whether you've got a deadline to meet (like you're only in town for one night) or you're more interested in making the most of what a scenario has to offer.  Then again I suppose some benefit from being kept to a pretty tight pace.  I am definitely on the "sprawl" end of things though.

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You are totally right about the timing of things! I had to cancel the game sunday. :( Since we are all new to playing CoC I think it would be better to have a resolution in one session, and use pre gens. I would play differently if we were able to get together on a more regular basis. That is what I hope for though.. A more regular basis!

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