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Mutterings from Providence

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Triple Feature Session Report



We've met again! This time there were three groups, and they all went fairly well. Spoilers to follow.


Session 1
They continue on their way through The Rise of Xnaaki out of The Unbound Book, and they have battled their way and had their first encounters with things not entirely ordinary. They've had a fistfight on a train, and have booked into an inn in a town that is fairly desolate. Due to delays on their part, some timeline elements have shifted around, and they have not yet found out exactly what's going on. They have encountered all of the nasty things in the manor, but some further unpleasantness awaits later on.


Session 2
The party continues through MTS Kh-37, and they have spent the first night at the Station. Some of them were affected by the Colour, and they've finally decoded Chirikov's journal. The information was shared relatively widely, and they have not yet decided what their next course of action is. They are currently dismissing some of it as madness, but we'll see when their skepticism breaks down.


Session 3
This group is a group of CoC novices, and I'm running them through The Haunting. It's gone interestingly, as despite my best efforts, they decided to go straight to the house instead of investigating. They didn't find much, but they went upstairs and found the room. No madness with the bed yet, but they did hear thumping and saw blood - they're thoroughly disturbed. They then found the diaries, and then went down to look in the basement. Three out of the four people who went down the stairs botched their DEX rolls to get down safely, and all injured themselves - one person is even unconscious. One of them then tried to take the magic knife out of the building, but got a nice slash across their torso for their trouble. They're on their way to Mass. General for medical care, and that's where I'll be introducing the player who couldn't make it this week.


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