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Double-Feature Session Report



Last Friday was the first meeting of the Friday Night Cthulhu games that I'm running in my residential group. I'm running two weekly sessions and a fortnightly session, and they've started off well so far.


Session 1
The first group is running through a scenario (The Rise of Xnaaki) out of The Unbound Book, volume 0, I believe, available in the Files section. It starts with an auction, and goes downhill from there. The group is mixed in experience level, but they are all very into it, and are having a lot of fun with very individual characters. The mythos-y stuff has yet to make a significant appearance, and the experienced players are doing a very good job of setting the tone, and RPing as very normal people who don't know anything about the Mythos. I feel that this is one of the important, and difficult, parts of the game to roleplay, and I think they're doing a great job. We stopped last session in the middle of the beginning of a fistfight on a moving train, and we'll see where they go from there...


Session 2 - Spoilers for MTS Kh-37
The second group is running through Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37, and had a bit of a rocky start due to late arrivals. Some of the players are more inexperienced, but they're getting better at playing their roles. I'm working on getting it more atmospheric, and I'm going to print out player name-tents to help remind people of who's who.
The group has made it to the station, and is beginning its investigation. They have discovered, but not read, Chirikov's journal, and I'm working on figuring out how to introduce it to them. I feel there's not quite enough paranoia from the members, and I think it's due to their interspersed seating - the TASS agents are mingled with the Red Army chaps, and there's not enough room to plot in private.


This week:
Session 1 continues with its train ride, Session 2 begins to uncover the mystery, and Session 3 commences, investigating the mysteries of The Haunting.


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