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Come Forth the Shadows Session Four Part 2 - Shadows Among Us



* * *


When Miss Malone awoke on Saturday, June 5, 1926, she saw one of the journals sat open on the table where she’d stacked them up the night before. She didn’t think she’d left any of them open when she went to bed that night. It was morning but all of the curtains remained closed so the room was filled with shadows. She listened without moving but heard nothing.


“Miss Kennedy!†she called.


She heard a groan from the cracked door across the foyer hall; Miss Kennedy’s room was on the first floor.


“Did you happen to come back out and read more journals while I was asleep?†Miss Malone called.


“Why would I do that?†Miss Kennedy called.


“Seems like someone did.â€




“Yep. One of the journals has been opened.â€


“I’ll be right there.â€


Miss Malone looked at the journal and read some of the lines there. It was the oldest of the journals and open to notes on casting a spell. She thought it was the spell calling someone or something called Candle Cove. Miss Kennedy entered the room, gun in hand.


“What book were you reading?†Miss Malone said. “Do you remember which one it was?â€


Miss Kennedy pointed to the pile of books, to the one second from the bottom.


“Not that one,†she said, pointing at the book now in Miss Malone’s hands.


“Well, it was open to this page,†Miss Malone said.


“You sure you didn’t bump it in the night?†Miss Kennedy asked.


“If I’d bumped it, would it open a book?†Miss Malone said.


“You never know!â€


“I think we should keep a close eye on these journals at all times.â€


“It’s almost as if they have a mind of their own.â€


“Maybe they do.â€




“I don’t know anymore. I wonder if that sorceress lady has a way she can leave her body.â€


“Is there anything in the books that says that?â€


“There’s a lot of stuff in the books I haven’t gotten to yet. If you can leave your body to go into another body, you might just be able to leave your body and come back to the same body.â€


“Hm. Maybe. But she’s … Lily … whatever she is … is pretty knocked out.â€


“Yeah, but her spirit is different.â€


“This is getting deep - no.â€


“Just because it’s deep doesn’t mean it’s not true.â€


The doorbell rang. Miss Malone closed the book.


“I’m going to go check … you … you take those books and go to my bedroom,†Miss Kennedy said, pointing to the door across the hall from the sitting room. “If it’s a policeman, I’m going to have to let him in. Go in the bedroom.â€


Miss Malone grabbed the books and her burglar’s bag and limped to the bedroom.


Miss Kennedy peeked out of the doors into the foyer. Through the front door windows, she could see the policeman outside.


“Coming,†she called.


“Should I not tell everyone to be quiet?†Miss Malone whispered to her.


“You can go upstairs after you put the stuff in the bedroom,†Miss Kennedy said.


Miss Malone went into the bedroom and found a belt. She wrapped it securely around the journals and hooked it as best she could, leaving the books on the side table. Then she headed upstairs to tell everyone to be quiet. She found Mrs. Upton just getting up.


“Mrs. Upton, don’t poke out your head,†Miss Malone said. “There’s police officers, okay?â€


“A-Alright,†she said, confused.


Miss Malone continued up to the attic where she found Washington and Lily both asleep. She waited where she could watch the stairs. It was stiflingly hot in the attic.


* * *


Miss Kennedy, meanwhile, opened the foyer door and walked to the front doors. She opened one of them and the policeman nodded at her.


“How can I help you, sir?†she asked.


“Uh, yes ma’am,†the officer said. “I’m Officer Jenkins with the Providence Police Department. We’re conducting a house-to-house search in hopes of finding this kidnapped little girl.â€


“Oh!†Miss Kennedy feigned surprise. “You mean the one that happened that way?â€


She pointed to the southwest in the general direction of the Upton house.


“Couple of days ago, yes ma’am,†he said.


“Why would you be searching the town?†she said. “Wouldn’t they have gotten out?â€


“We are trying to take every precaution we can, ma’am,†he said.


“Uh …†she said, looking rather perturbed. “I’m pretty sure that’s not legal.â€


“Well, ma’am, we are trying to make sure that everyone is safe. There’s some fears that Washington might have taken someone hostage in this neighborhood and is hiding out in their house. Or their outbuildings. That’s why we’re looking.â€


“Understandable but … seriously? Why would he stay here?â€


“I … don’t … possibly because he couldn’t get out of town. Apparently the vehicle he was using was torn up pretty badly. As I said, it’s voluntary but I’d like to take a look around if you don’t mind.â€


“Uh …â€


* * *


Upstairs, Miss Malone could barely hear the conversation but was worried at how long Miss Kennedy had talked to the police officer. She woke up Washington.


* * *


“I don’t really know if I should let you in or not because I’m not familiar with the law,†Miss Kennedy said.


“Uh … very well,†Officer Jenkins said. “Have you seen a negro?â€


He gave her a fairly accurate description of Quincy Washington.


“He would be possibly accompanied by several women,†he said.


He gave her a description of Lily Mitchell and Mrs. Upton.


“I haven’t seen any,†Miss Kennedy said. “But, you say it happened a couple days ago?â€


“Yes ma’am,†he replied. “It happened on Thursday.â€


“I did hear the sirens, was that it?†she said.


“Yes ma’am,†he replied. “Yes ma’am. We’re just trying to make sure that he’s not hiding out in someone’s house, so we’re conducting searches.â€


“That would be dreadful.â€


“Yes ma’am.â€


“I just don’t want anyone in my house, you know: lady, private things. And I don’t feel comfortable with that.â€


“I understand, ma’am.â€


“At all.â€


“Could you come step outside the house for a moment?â€




She stepped out, pulling the front door shut behind her.


“Nothing’s wrong in your house, is it?†he said.


He had his hand on his pistol and was looking very carefully through the glass windows of the front door.


“There’s nothing here, I just don’t feel comfortable with anyone in there,†she said.


“You would tell me the truth if you have friends or relatives in danger in there?†he said.


“No one,†she said. “My family’s all in Jersey right now.â€


“All right,†he said. “All right. Very well. You mind if I check the grounds?â€


“You can check around it, yeah.â€


“All right, I’m going to walk around the grounds, make sure there’s nobody hiding, there’s nothing suspicious or of that nature. I’ll come back and knock on your front door when I’m finished. Is that all right?â€


“You can check the garage if there’s someone in there.â€


“Do you keep your garage door locked?â€


“No, I don’t keep it locked.â€


“Okay, I’ll look in the garage as well.â€


He seemed to have lowered his guard and she pretended to be nervous. She guessed the officer worried Washington was in the house but holding her family hostage while she talked to police.


She returned to the house and found Miss Malone leaning over the railing from the second floor.


“He’s checking the grounds to make sure there’s no activity,†Miss Kennedy said to her. “I think they’re worried people might be held hostage by Quincy.â€


“I don’t know,†Miss Malone said. “It’s not wrong.â€


“If only it was Quincy holding us hostage,†Miss Kennedy said. “And not the other way around.â€


“True,†Miss Malone said. “Well, is he going to come check the house?â€


“Not in the house, just around it. He might want to talk again so just duck your head.â€


The police officer rang the bell about 15 minutes later. He told Miss Kennedy he’d looked in the garage. He asked if she only had the roadster and the motorcycle and assured her nothing was in the garage and there was no sign of any disturbance there. He also told her he’d search her basement or her attic if she wanted. She declined.


“I would advise that you lock your garage door,†he said.


“Lock it?†she asked.


“Yes ma’am, at least until all this blows over and we catch these people,†he said. “Your grounds appear to be fine. There doesn’t appear to be anything unusual on the grounds either.â€


“You think the fence is secure enough?†she asked.


“Well, there’s no gate in the front. If you see anything suspicious, call the police immediately, especially if you see a man that resembles the description I just gave you, or he’s with a little girl or an older woman. Just contact the police immediately if you see anything of that sort.â€


“I definitely will.â€


“Okay. Thank you for your assistance.â€


“Thank you for checking.â€


He left.


Miss Kennedy gave Lily her injection and made sure everyone got breakfast.


“We need to do something about these books,†Miss Malone said after they finished eating.


“Let’s go get those books,†Miss Kennedy said as they walked down the hall. “We need to finish reading. What page was it open to?â€


They entered the bedroom and took out the book. Miss Malone opened it to the correct page.


“This one,†she said.


“Didn’t we hear something about that from Miss Hagger?†Miss Kennedy asked.


“Yeah,†Miss Malone said. “I don’t remember what though.â€


“Me neither,†Miss Kennedy said. “I don’t know what we should do because this is a dead end.â€


“Well, I just don’t know. Something is in this house and I don’t like it.â€


“Do you want to check again?â€


“It wouldn’t hurt.â€


“All right.â€


They searched the house again using the carbide lamps to illuminate everything. They started in the bottom and Miss Malone was a bit surprised as the distillery, crates of bottles and the such for her bootlegging operations in the basement. There were many, many bottles of gin as well. Everything was shut down. When they returned to the first floor, they found the book had slid out of the belt where it had been tied down and was open to the same page it had been open to before. The two women looked at each other in terror.


Miss Malone snatched up the book and tucked it in her jacket.


“You want that thing on you!?!†Miss Kennedy said.


“Would you rather it just creepily open all the time?†Miss Malone asked.


“No,†Miss Kennedy said.


“Okay!†Miss Malone said.


“Why is it so obsessed with that page?â€


“Probably this is what is trying to be brought forth by whatever. Like I said, maybe the sorceress has found a way to get her spirit out of her body.â€


“I don’t … no!â€


They searched the rest of the first floor and found nothing out of the ordinary. The second floor was also empty of everyone and everything except Mrs. Upton, who was sitting in her room, looking out her window.


“Please let us know if you see anything strange,†Miss Malone told her.


“Those little, yellow men aren’t coming back, are they?†Mrs. Upton asked.


“They shouldn’t,†Miss Kennedy said.


“Hopefully not,†Miss Malone said.


“I don’t like those little, yellow men,†Mrs. Upton said. “Lily always said they were funny. But I didn’t think they were very funny.â€


“Well, we won’t let them in and if they do, you call somebody and we’ll get them here,†Miss Kennedy said.


“I will,†Mrs. Upton said. “I will call somebody. I don’t like those little, yellow men.â€


“And if you see … even if you think you’re having a flight of fancy like you think you see something move, just let us know,†Miss Malone said. “Even if it’s just a shadow, okay?â€


“We don’t want those yellow men in here because they were not very good,†Miss Kennedy said.


“Okay,†Mrs. Upton said. “They had pointed teeth.â€


“Yeah, that’s weird,†Miss Malone said.


“Yeah, that’s really weird,†Miss Kennedy said. “I’m pretty sure they bit or something like that.â€


They continued searching the second floor and then searched the attic very carefully. There seemed to be shadows everywhere though.


“What’s going on?†Washington asked them, hefting his table leg. “What’s going on?â€


“This book keeps opening up and we’re concerned that someone keeps doing it,†Miss Kennedy said.


“I don’t think it’s a someone,†Miss Malone said. “I think it’s a something or a spirit.â€


“What’s it opening to?†Washington asked.


“It’s opening up to Candle Cove demon thing,†Miss Malone said.


“Burn it,†Washington said.


“What?†Miss Kennedy said.


“Burn the book,†he said.


“But we need it,†Miss Kennedy said.


“All right … if you need it,†he said.


“I’m going to keep it on me,†Miss Malone said.


“Let’s read through it and then destroy it if that bothers you,†Miss Kennedy said.


“If it opens,†Washington said.


“It’s opening on its own!†Miss Malone said. “It’s bothersome to everyone!â€


“All right, we’ll read it and get rid of it,†Miss Kennedy said.


“You find anything to help Lily?†Washington asked.


“Not yet,†Miss Malone said.


“Not yet,†Miss Kennedy said.


“All right,†Washington said.


“The only solution that seems possible right now is to … kill her,†Miss Kennedy said.


“No,†Washington said.


“We might be able to enthrall Lin Chou to do what we want,†Miss Kennedy said.


Washington just grunted.


“You don’t like her?†Miss Kennedy said.


“I didn’t like Lin Chou, no,†Washington said. “She’s awful. Don’t like her.â€


They found nothing in the rest of the terribly hot and stuffy attic. They went back down into the main part of the house. The dust reminded Miss Kennedy that her maid was coming to clean the house on Monday. She telephoned the woman and cancelled.


“What if we just burn those pages that it keeps opening to?†Miss Malone asked.


“We could copy it down and then burn it,†Miss Kennedy said.


“Well, then it will still be written down,†Miss Malone said.


“Memorize it!†Miss Kennedy said.


“Yep,†Miss Malone said.


Miss Malone set about memorizing the section of the book with the spell. Unfortunately, it proved to be several pages long. The spell supposedly took some kind of powerful essence from people in order to work. Dozens of people would have to be put to death or hundreds or thousands of people could be used, though they would be drained by the process. It was strange and not very clear. The spell was supposed to summon something or open a door or gateway. As far as she could tell, Mitchell tried to do it at someplace called the Globe Theatre in London. She had never heard of the place. Mitchell had tried to cast the spell and planned to take life from everyone in the area to cause it to happen. Apparently the spell failed in part, at least, to someone called Stubb. It didn’t mention more about Stubb though Mitchell seemed to hate the man.


She decided that, instead of trying to memorize everything, she would summarize the information as best she could and then memorize only the actual words of the spell. She also never let the book leave her side. She experimented, putting the book behind her and not looking at it for a few moments to see if it would open to the proper page. It didn’t.


Miss Kennedy continued reading the other journals.


Occasionally, during the day, a police car or motorcycle would cruise down the street slowly as if looking for something.


Miss Malone put the book under her pillow that night.


* * *


On Sunday, June 6, 1926, Miss Malone found the book still under her pillow. The two continued reading and translating parts of the spell that Miss Malone was trying to learn. She made sure to memorize anything that was word for word. She ripped out the pages with the spell so that Miss Kennedy could look through the rest of the journal for the enthralling spell. She got to work on it, trying to learn the basics of casting such a spell.


* * *


On Tuesday, June 8, 1926, Miss Kennedy thought she understood the spell to enthrall a victim. The spell would supposedly entrance a victim though it cost the spell caster part of his essence to do so. The spell caster had to speak calmly to the victim for the spell to take effect and then pit his own will against that of his victim. If the victim was overcome, he or she would be struck numb and dumb until “relieved from the trance by physical assault or some other similarly shocking event.â€


Miss Malone was unsure if the spell would work due to the power of the sorceress within Lily Mitchell. Miss Kennedy had no idea. Miss Malone suggested they both learn the spell and then they could do it together.


Miss Malone likewise thought she had memorized the parts of the spell to summon Candle Cove. She had also finished the written summary of the other instructions for the spell as well.


“We should probably try it,†Miss Malone said of Miss Kennedy’s spell.


“Should we try it on each other?†Miss Kennedy said.


“But the only way to break it is to shock someone,†Miss Malone said.


Miss Kennedy pantomimed slapping the woman.


“Let’s try to burn these pages,†Miss Malone said.


Miss Kennedy went for matches and they decided to burn the pages in the fireplace. Miss Kennedy closed the flue in the fear the pages might mysteriously fly away. They placed the pages on the hearth and then Miss Kennedy went to the sideboard for a bottle of gin to pour over them. Miss Malone, standing by the fireplace, noticed the shadows deepen around the pages and the quickly reached in and grabbed them, backing away. Miss Kennedy turned around.


“Something … wrong?†Miss Kennedy said.


“The shadows were going to take it!†Miss Malone said.


“Okay, hold on,†Miss Kennedy said.


She ran to the fireplace and grabbed the tongs from the implements there. She handed the tongs to Miss Malone who quickly held the pages with them. Then Miss Kennedy grabbed a lighter from the sideboard and ran back to her with it.


The darkness came out of the fireplace and stretched quickly across the floor.


“Light it!†Miss Malone cried. “Quickly! They’re coming!â€


Miss Kennedy lit the edges of the paper and they burned fairly quickly as the shadow lengthened towards Miss Malone. Miss Kennedy ran over to one of the carbide lamps sitting on the floor and snatched it up. She quickly lit it and pointed it at the shadow which seemed to throw it into stark contrast with the rest of the room. The shadow moved towards Miss Malone and she ran from it, leaping to the front door and flinging it open. The shadow caught her as Miss Kennedy tried to shine the carbide lamp in front of her.


The moving shadow went under Miss Malone’s feet and seemed to vanish. Miss Kennedy ran after her, flinging open the front doors as Miss Malone ran for them with a shriek. Miss Malone ran out into the overcast daylight and down the porch steps to the concrete path. Small pieces of paper fell to the ground and Miss Kennedy used the lighter to burn them.


An older gentleman walking a mastiff was just passing by and stopped to look at the two women burning the ancient paper. He seemed somewhat surprised.


“The cheating bastard!†Miss Malone cried out. “I’m going to burn all of his love letters until they’re all gone!â€


“Not a single trace will be left, my dear!†Miss Kennedy cried.


“I loved you John!†Miss Malone said. “Why? Why!?!â€


The man continued walking, a little more slowly, occasionally stealing glances at the two women over his shoulder.


“I don’t want a single word to be left of his awful lies to you!†Miss Kennedy cried.


Miss Malone pretended to sob. The man continued to walk away, obviously uncomfortable. In only a couple minutes there was nothing left of the pages but ash.


They returned to the house. The lower floor was filled with smoke, it seemed. Miss Malone checked on her summary of casting the spell to make sure it was not too specific. She was glad to find it was not, to her reckoning. Miss Kennedy checked on the other journals and found them all on the table undisturbed.


“Dodged a bullet,†Miss Kennedy said.


“But that means the shadows are here or they … because they weren’t coming out of the paper, they were coming towards the paper,†Miss Malone said.


“They probably like to stay in deep shadows,†Miss Kennedy guessed. “So, they’re probably in the basement or that fireplace.â€


Miss Kennedy set about opening up the windows on the second floor to try to air out the house a little bit. The smoke smell was mostly restricted to the sitting room and the foyer.


They talked about the spell Miss Kennedy had learned and she was of the opinion she should try to cast it upon Miss Malone before trying to teach her the spell. Miss Malone decided to try not to resist whatever was to happen. Miss Kennedy began to speak calmly with the woman, slipping in the words of the spell as she did so. She concentrated and, a few moments later, Miss Malone’s jaw dropped and her eyelids went slack. She stared straight ahead.


Miss Kennedy felt awful. She was surprised and horrified just muttering a few words could have such an effect upon people. It went against everything she believed as well as everything she knew to be fact. Magic shouldn’t be real. Spells shouldn’t have any kind of power. It was an awful feeling.


“What is your full name?†she asked Miss Malone.


The woman merely stared straight ahead. There was no reply.


“Tell me your full name,†Miss Kennedy said to her.


The woman merely stared straight ahead.


“Pick up that book,†Miss Kennedy said, pointing to one of the books.


Miss Malone did nothing.


“I command you to pick up that book!†Miss Kennedy said.


Still nothing.


Miss Kennedy snapped her fingers but Miss Malone didn’t react. She gestured in front of the woman but her eyes didn’t even follow her hand.


“Hey!†she said loudly. “Wake up!â€


She shook the woman and Miss Malone blinked and looked at her.


“Are you going to do it?†she asked.


“I did,†Miss Kennedy told her. “You didn’t say anything. You didn’t respond. I couldn’t get you to do anything. I think it just immobilizes people.â€


“So it’s basically like a non-medicinal coma?†Miss Malone said.


“Yes!†Miss Kennedy said. “Yes.â€


Miss Malone noted Lily probably had more power than them and Miss Kennedy said they would have to do it together. There was some talk of teaching Washington the spell as well. In the meantime, they decided Miss Kennedy would try to teach Miss Malone how to cast the spell. They decided they would do so in the attic so that perhaps Washington would learn the spell as well.


“Warning,†Miss Kennedy told her. “It feels terrible.â€


“I feel fine,†Miss Malone said. “Oh, you mean your end.â€


They got to work on teaching Miss Malone the spell immediately. They discussed having barbiturates even though they knew the spell and Miss Malone suggested casting the spell on the girl while she was still in a drug coma. She doubted it would work when someone was unconscious and Miss Kennedy wanted to wait until Washington was a bit more coherent as well.


* * *


At 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 9, 1926, Miss Kennedy went to the offices of Beardsworth, Izeman, and Xavier with some preliminary documents. The young man was typing something as she came in.


“Hello,†she said.


“Oh, hello Miss Kennedy,†he said with a smile.


“Do you have the documentation I requested?†she asked.


“Mr. Beardsworth has it,†the youth said.


“Thank you.â€


“He will be just a few minutes.â€


“Thank you.â€


“If you would like to have a seat?â€


“I will.â€


After about five minutes, an older woman in black wearing veil exited the office. An older gentleman also came out. He was dressed in clothing probably in fashion 20 years before with a high collar. He was bald and had a thick mustache. He looked to be in his 50s or 60s.


“Yes, you Miss Kennedy?†he asked her.


He blustered when he talked.


“Yes, your clerk, Mr. …†she said.


“That’s Bowker!†Mr. Beardsworth said.


“Yes, Bowker,†she said. “He set up an appointment for me.â€


“Yes, come in. Come in. Come in.â€


“Thank you, Mr. Beardsworth.â€


He led her into a comfortable office, well appointed with dark paneling on the walls, comfortable chairs, and a large bookcase filled with leather-bound legal books. He took a seat in a leather swivel chair behind a very large mahogany desk.


“So … your family is thinking about buying Mitchell Imports,†he said. “Is that correct?â€


“Either creating partnership with you or buying it,†she said. “Because we have an interest in importing minerals and resources from around the world.â€


“Well, it is within our authority to … uh … to … uh … to make the sale of Mitchell Imports if you are so inclined,†he said. “In order to … uh … to facilitate the money that will be given to Miss Lily … uh … Mitchell … should she be found … or to any other potential heirs to the Mitchell fortune, if they exist.â€


“Rest assured, hopefully when she’s found, a certain percentage will go to her,†Miss Kennedy said.


“Yes, of course! Of course! When she’s found. Of course! Of course!â€


“A certain percentage will go to her.â€


“The entirety of it will go to her.â€


“Of her side, yes.â€


“Yes. Correct. That is correct. We’ve got some paperwork here that you requested.â€


He handed her a thick file and she took it and read it while he sat behind the desk.


“Now this is the first time I’ve seen it so it might take me a while,†she said.


“Of course,†he said. “Of course.â€


“I’ll need to show it to my father as well,†she said.


“We can allow you to show it to your father as well,†he said. “If you’d like to read it now to ensure it is complete …â€


“I would like to.â€


“Very good. Very good.â€


She looked through the paperwork, keeping a sharp eye out for the strange imports Mr. Thayer had told her about the week before. She soon found the sand and noticed there were very few details on it. Shipping information was incomplete and the items seemed to have come from nowhere or were off the books.


“Do you utilize local shipping as well or other ships that aren’t documented?†Miss Kennedy said.


“I’m not sure what all the documentation is,†Beardsworth admitted. “It came from Mitchell Imports and … uh … I was told that it was quite complete, everything that they had.â€


“Everything that they had?†she said.


“Correct,†he replied.


“Well, they’re missing some stuff here. Like this here.â€




“If you are just using local shipping, you can just notate that.â€


“Ah, yes, yes.â€


“We would know that we’d have to put aside money for it.â€


“It’s also possible it was not purchased from regular channels as well.â€


“Ah. Okay.â€


“I do not know why it wouldn’t be documented there.â€


“Let me make a notation of possible local shipping and we might have to make purchases.â€


“Very good. Very good. Very good.â€


She made notations in a notebook she had. She found a few other strange entries including certain animals which were never specified as more than “animals†that apparently came from Russia. Like the Tibetan sand, the creatures seemed to have come out of nowhere.


“Some of it is not complete, but if you say that’s all they have then you might need … they might need to improve their documentation,†Miss Kennedy said.


“Perhaps they need better … perhaps they need … perhaps they need better management,†Beardsworth blustered. “Or ownership or something.â€


“Of course, if we do, in the best case scenario, buy up all the proceeds from the imports half will go to Lily or her fund,†Miss Kennedy said.


“Any money that is made will go into her trust fund,†Beardsworth said. “She has a trust fund at present. It’s … uh … it’s $5,000 a year for upkeep and education which ends at her age of 18, whereupon she receives all the rest.â€


“Now, if we do a partnership, it will be along the same lines but she will not get any of the proceeds from the joint effort, more than likely.â€


“She will get whatever proceeds would be coming from Mitchell Imports. Everything is Lily’s. She’s the sole heir. Mitchell changed his will just a few days before he died last year. And … uh … it … uh … he put everything in Lily’s name.â€


“Uh-huh. Did you say gotten, as if she was adopted or did I miss-hear?â€


“She’s the sole heir. She is their child and, as such, we are keeping the money in trust for her until she turns 18, at which point everything will be turned over to her. Any moneys that we make, investing any of the moneys that we have now, will end up - any of those profits will also go to Lily Mitchell. In the unfortunately event that she is not found, that this kidnapping turns into a terrible tragedy, and it has been almost a week and there has been no ransom demands made-â€


“None? Wait - no ransom? That’s the whole point of kidnapping a rich heiress though.â€


“Yes! Yes, it is! That’s why the police have been questioning us so severely and looking so hard. It appears that perhaps there’s some other motive at hand here, perhaps, I don’t know, revenge maybe?â€


“Is it someone from the company? Who’s the next in line for it?â€


“The next in line for what?â€


“Owning your company if someone wants to get rid of Lily.â€


“MY company is owned by we three lawyers.â€


“I meant Imports.â€


“Mitchell Imports is only Lily. In the unfortunate event that she dies or she’s never found … uh … then we will continue to try as hard as we can to try to find some other heir. At present, there are none. But we will give it our all and our best and search diligently until we find someone. If at that time it is found there are no heirs after a diligent searching by us, then that money will be turned over to the state.â€


She realized Beardsworth and his fellow lawyers would keep looking for as long as they could because so long as they looked, they got paid. If Lily disappeared, they would look for several years before the state would declare the child legally dead. It might be possible for the law firm to continue looking for a legal heir so long as the government would let them.


“Well, you continue looking for as long as you possibly can,†she said.


“Yes!†he said. “We will definitely do our best to find what we can.â€


“And …†she said.


“And in the meantime, if your family wishes to purchase Mitchell Imports, all of that money will, of course, turned over to Lily, upon her turning 18,†he said.


“Also, for this deal as well, is there any information on whatever policies they’ve put in place talking with law offices or the state, is there any documentation that they did through you?â€


“No. We solely handled the will and trust fund for Lily Mitchell, after her family’s unfortunately demise. Otherwise, we got these files for you from Mitchell Imports, which is under our purview right now as, in order to continue, the money coming in for her.â€


“All right. Was there any problems that they had with the laws? Any policies? Any trouble?â€


“Mitchell Imports?â€




“Nothing that has been revealed by the import organization or has been told to us by the police.â€


“Okay, that is good to know.â€


“Some strange things with that maid. Just before Mitchell’s death, when he changed his will, he also withdrew, through our company, $10,000.â€


“Ten thousand?â€


“Yes, there was a contract for services rendered to the maid. Lin Chou? Very strange. Very strange. Uh …â€


“Could you tell me more about that because that’s really a lot for a maid.â€


“Yes! It was … it was … it was … it was very … it was the same time that he, uh, he changed his will, leaving everything to his daughter, as opposed to his wife and daughter. And … uh … they … uh … I have my own suspicions that either … um … something just between you and me, there might have been some blackmail going on perhaps, or he was providing for a mistress, was my thought. Then there was this terrible tragedy and they all ended up dead and the money’s gone. The money was transferred to her, was taken out of the bank, disappeared!â€


“Just disappeared?â€


“Yes, yes, yes.â€


“After her death it was just up and gone?â€


“There was no bank account. The money was taken out. Perhaps it was in the house when the house burned down, burned up. Burned up to a cinder, possibly. If it’s somewhere else, there’s no way of tracking it down; we have no way of finding it. Very strange. Very strange. Very strange.â€


“Anything else you notice that was strange with their dealings? Out of the ordinary?â€


“No, just that he changed his will literally days before the fire. Very … that struck me as very strange as well. Perhaps Miss Lin Chou was actually trying to blackmail Mr. Mitchell and failed in her attempt with the fire or perhaps Quincy Washington was involved and then the fire was−â€


“Did he act suspicious or worried or like he was under duress?â€


“Uh … no. No. No. Mr. Mitchell, he did not. He simply said he wanted to change his will, that he had plans, that things had to change, something to that effect. I can’t remember. Six months ago. And then gave this money ‘for services rendered’ to the maid, which I questioned him. I asked him if there was some trouble and if I should contact the police. He said ‘No. No no no.’ Just do as he said and we did. And then … uh … transferred the money to her and … as I said, perhaps there was some kind of blackmail. Perhaps Miss Lin Chou made an attempt on something that evening and it turned terribly wrong. Perhaps Mr. Washington was causing some … some issue with the maid. I don’t know. I really don’t know. It really doesn’t have much to do with what were dealing with here today.â€


“It might have something to do with it because if he was getting extorted, it could be his mistress was part of his company that the dealing was happening. Anything that he could have said might lead to some clue.â€


“Well, as far as I knew, she was just a maid at their house. She had nothing to do with the company, nothing to do with anything with Mitchell Imports.â€


“Does Mr. Bowker, did he type up this? Does he have transcripts of this … dealing?â€


“Yes, we have a copy of the will. Yes.â€


“Copy of the will. Does he transcribe as they do in court?â€


“No no no. No. We did not keep a record of the meeting, as such. We merely made the will out to Mr. Mitchell’s specifications.â€


“All right, could I have a copy of the will and whatever other documentation you have so we would know how much would be set aside for Lily?â€


“Uh … I’m afraid we can’t hand over a copy of the will, no. I’m sorry. I’ve probably said too much already about it. But … it struck me as very strange and … no no, we can’t hand over a copy of the will.â€


“Can you hand over the specifications of the will, how much percentage that would come for the company, set aside besides the five thousand a year?â€


“No no no. All that is under confidentiality, I’m afraid. But you can be guaranteed that any moneys made off any venture by your company … or by Mitchell Imports will go to Miss Lily Mitchell, once all this is said and done.â€


“Thank you. Good day Mr. Beardsworth. Thank you for your time.â€


“You’re welcome.â€


She stood up with the paperwork.


“I’ll be expecting that back when you’re finished with it,†he said, also standing.


“I will get it back,†she said. “It might take a month or two because you know how business takes a while.â€


“Yes yes,†he said. “Fair enough. Fair enough.â€


He took down her name and address, as well as the address for Kennedy Industries.


“If it’s not back within three months, call and we will tell you the process of the deal,†she said.


“Very well,†he said.


Beardsworth seemed somewhat anxious to sell the business, actually. She guessed he preferred a lump of cash to making sure the business stayed solvent for Lily.


She returned to the house and shared the information with Miss Malone. She noted the sand from Tibet and animals from Russia.


“Like circus animals?†Miss Malone said.


“It doesn’t say,†Miss Kennedy said. “There’s not much information on it.â€


“What kind of animals?†Miss Malone asked again.


“It doesn’t say,†Miss Kennedy said.,


They looked over it and found the animals went to Providence and were remanded to Arthur Mitchell.


“I bet he was using their blood or something for some weird thing,†Miss Malone said.


The five tons of sand was listed as also turned over to Arthur Mitchell.


* * *


By Thursday, June 10, 1926, the women thought Miss Malone could probably try to cast the enthralling spell. The two were in the library, Miss Kennedy sitting in one of the leather club chairs, and she tried not to resist anything that happened to her. Miss Malone spoke in a calm voice to the woman, using the strange intonations the spell required. Moments later, Miss Kennedy’s jaw dropped and her eyelids fell mostly over her eyes.


However, at the same time, Miss Malone felt herself filled with a terrible fear and dread. She was so terrified, she found herself rooted to the spot, unable to move. The terrible feeling lasted for about a minute before she felt like she was in control of her facilities once again. By then, she could feel her heart beating in her chest and found herself drenched in sweat.


I don’t know what I was scared about, she thought.


Miss Kennedy was still in the strange trance. Miss Malone tried to make her do something but she remained completely unresponsive.


“Wake up,†Miss Malone said.


Nothing happened.


She shook the woman and it woke her.


“You do it?†Miss Kennedy said.


“Yeah … you didn’t tell me that it like made you feel like you were going to die,†Miss Malone said.


“I said it makes you feel awful!†Miss Kennedy said.


“No!†Miss Malone said. “I thought I was going to die, like someone was after me. I was terrified!â€


“It made me feel more sick to my stomach. It was awful.â€


“It was worse than the Chinamen coming after me.â€




“Yes. It was as if I had become a tree and planted in the spot I was standing.â€


“Well, you don’t have roots.â€


“Well, I know that.â€


“Well, it seems to be working. We might have to use this on Lily.â€


“I hope that doesn’t happen every time. Next time when we do this, be prepared for me to be terrified if that’s what happens to me.â€


“It’s … simply dreadful.â€


“Yeah, well, it wasn’t simply dreadful. It was dreadfully dreadful.â€


“Terribly dreadful, you mean?â€


“Horribly dreadful?â€


“Terribly dreadful.â€


“Dreadfully dreadful.â€


“Dreadfully dreadful.â€


They discussed using the spell on Lily and Miss Malone reminded her if the little girl was startled in any way, it would break the spell. They talked about teaching the spell to Washington and Miss Malone pointed out the girl might resist the magic. They decided to wait until Lily was near the end of her dose of barbiturates, that evening around 7 p.m.


It seemed mad, sitting in the darkened library at 2 p.m. on Thursday afternoon in 20th century Providence, Rhode Island, talking about using magic on a little girl with the soul of an ancient sorceress.

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