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Yes it is me, Caligula, from the Wizards boards writing all those "Total Recap!" Chronicles. You might have picked up Red Hand of Doom - Total Recap or City of the Spiderqueen - Total Recap! But now we are setting up the biggest campaign of them all. Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!


We played the first session tonight with 4 investigators and they did well, advancing as experienced players do. There were a couple of decisions and events that was a bit surprising but I will come back to that shortly.


The investigators will be properly introduced of course, this will be done by the players. To summarise they are a nice blend of backgrounds, nationalities and competences but share the common goal of discovering the dark behind it all...


We started the campaign by playing the 4 introduction adventures in the 6th edition rules. They are quite entertaining and also classics having followed along for many editions now. The investigators managed them well, no deaths but some minor insanity issues. Corbitt's house was close to a TPK but they managed to turn it around in the last gasp.


We will play Horror on the Orient Express as written with the options of skill experience checks after each scenario and PC succession at each station.


We look forward to share our experiences with all of you and please add comments, questions and what not. It will all be read and answered. We will also add pics, films and pods as we move along. Some of the investigators will actually be interviewed as they travel through Europe.


Lock the doors. Be careful. They are watching us. Right now.


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The group consists of myself, Caligula, as Keeper, Christer Bermar, my cousin, Mats Georgson, Michael Patocka (game tester for Swedish rpg Symbaroum), and Malte Mossberg. We have 2 players who left the group recently, Fredrik Hegren and Lloyd Balz. Fredrik changed to the D&D group and Lloyd moved out of Stockholm. Horror on the Orient Express does not limit the nr of investigators so we might add players along the line. This campaign will last for a long time so we also acknowledge that players may come and go. For practical reasons we usually limit the nr of players to 5-6 plus the Keeper. Our experience is that more than this is difficult to manage and find nice game flow and active gaming time for each and everyine. As well as fitting everyone around the gaming table...

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Call of Cthulhu adventures are high in details and you need to get your investigations right. "The Devil is in the detail". To gather and assess all bits and pieces you need to gather data, store data and analyze data. Horror on the Orient Express is a mastodont campaign and you also have different scenarios crossing into each other. To solve this I made a ledger for the players to gather all their stuff: maps, photos, illustrations, NPC portraits, etc. This is in addition to the notebook that each and every player keeps. I post pictures here as well for you guys to see.

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Help needed! How do I add pictures to the postings? Any help appreciated!!!

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