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No Games Day for me

Shimmin Beg


Very reluctantly, I'm having to skip YSDC Games Day yet again. I was really hoping to take part this year, and finally meet a few of the fine folks I've run across here. I mentally put aside the time when it was first announced and planned very much to go. It sounds brilliant.


Unfortunately, that plan was predicated on my having secured a new job by now, and therefore having an income to support game-based excursions, plus a predictable schedule. Sadly, this is not the case, so I have neither any money, nor any idea what I'll be doing as early as next week. It looks like both Games Day and the Cambridge language endangerment conference will have to wait for another year or two :( I am very sad. I am currently tantalised and tormented by Paul's last-few-tickets countdown on Twitter. That's 1/1d3 right there.


Ah well, back to work on The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps... got to scratch that itch somehow. British colonial military history archives, here I come.

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Addendum: thanks to some kind of miracle, I have suddenly moved to Yorkshire, got a job, and a ticket has mysteriously become available (I suspect regrettable cultist-based events) so I should, barring disaster, be going to Games Day after all!  Better be extra-careful handling those eldritch tomes for the next fortnight...

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