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First four stories in World War Cthulhu



So haven't updated this in ages but have played 4 stories since we last spoke! We made the move permanently to World War Cthulhu after the first two adventures. We use 7th edition stuff like pushing, spending Luck, advantage and disadvantage dice and combat. Some of them are using updated versions of their characters from their 1920s campaign.


Operation Home Fires: Investigating an unknown artifact in a Scottish Think Tank while hunting for a spy. Surrounded by mind-controlled ravens and giant man-bird things called Mithandril, the investigators used a combination of explosives and a fire-extinguisher to defeat them.


Operation Outreach: To Hungary to bring in an agent. However said agent is a cultist and N wants him dead. Once in Hungary they discover a Mi-go plot to use mythos creatures in possible conflicts. The investigators bury the Mi-go under a mountain in a mining village.


Operation Broken Toys: They are asked to assassinate a French officer during the retreat of the British Exploratory Force. While there they there they were to follow up the possibility that a villain, Kurtis Von Smitt, that had been active in the 1920s game we'd been playing had left a powerful artifact in a French Village. They discovered he had indeed but left a devilish game for them to play to get it. Through playing they discovered the artifact, a key to his demonic devices of worship to the Tick Tock Man called the "Compendium of 1001 games for little boys and girls", was actually one of four and the other 3 were gone. They barely escaped.


Operation Catch and Release: Picked up after a briefing from N, they were spurred away from their intended mission to help recover a missing ship filled with new technology by SOE big wig Cruthers. Once there they discovered that the British government were playing with otherworldly technology. The ship used a mechanical hook to drag the ship into another dimension. Unfortunately on its last trial the "Hook" brought something back, a parasitic dimension ruled by The Blood Tree, a sentient tree that sends its servitors onto the ship and kidnaps the crew. The rescue and recovery crew come under attack but manage to destroy the hook freeing the ship from the dimension once the linking machinery was destroyed.


On Friday they take part in Operation In Loco Parentis, a riff on the Haunting that takes place in an abandoned children's Home once ran by Von Smitt's minions (which will start off their campaign: "To Play, To Die")


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