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Tomefoolery, part seven

Shimmin Beg


I've now written my seventh (and probably final) post about using Tomes of Ultimate Evil in RPGs. This time, I talk about disposal and destruction of tomes. This post is more general than some, and suited to many kinds of artefact destruction, as well as tomes that are only a bit evil - like most Mythos tomes!


I discuss options for keeping things hidden until you and your kin are all dead, some more-or-less permanent disposal options, and actual destruction. I also mention a couple of different roles "destroying a tome" can take in your narrative, from a simple action to a quest to a big dock-off ritual.


You can find the post on my other blog at http://librarians-and-leviathans.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/tomefoolery-part-seven-disposal.html


I'd love to know if these are actually any use to anyone, so do please leave a comment somewhere.