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Dark Souls: Why hello Hastur!



So, here I am running through the Painted World of Ariamis, trying to escape without dying *again*, or distubing those annoying spear chucking phalanax, when I'm greeted by a most pleasent message:


"Dark Spirit Xanthous King Jeremiah has invaded!"


So I do away with that pest by tricking him into rolling off a cliff, unfortunately meaning that I didn't get the goodies from his body, but the armour will turn up behind Priscilla's fluffy tail regardless...


So when I pick it up and examine it, the clothes are a most... garish shade of yellow:


"Mysterious clothing once worn by the Xanthous King Jeremiah. No-one knows where it came from, the cloth is tattered but quite soft to touch, and its bright yellow colour still stings the eyes."


"Xanthous" means "Yellow" from what I understand. So Jeremiah is quite literally the King in Yellow...

Love these little references.


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