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My poor sanity

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Ok, that's it... I find it offiical in my mind, the Slender Man Mythos is some of the scariest stuff I've ever seen. Damn you, Marble Hornets for your entries!


From a metaphysical standpoint, I haven't gone to bed feeling this paranoid and headach-y since the thoughtform of freaking Nyarlathotep popped in to give me nightmares and pass on whatever demented messages he had. Yep, I've fallen into the trap that most writers of the Slender Man Mythos have done befoe; I give myself nightmares. At least with Nyarly you can have a pleasent conversation before the brain exploding insanity starts! Worse still, these nightmares are coming from stuff that I haven't even written down yet!


Since I don't want to have any more nightmares, I've found that this helps to calm me down.


" >: You decided to watch the Midnight Channel while eating Nanako's science project."

" 'It's almost like they expect the Police to solve crimes or something!"

"AWKWARD STRIPPER DANCE!!" Oh, Nyar, you never cease to amuse.





"Delta Green Archives:


- The following report is a written depiction recorded from a badly damaged camera located in an abandoned hosptial, based in thick woodlands near Arkham. Due to the deteriorating state of the recording, this annotation has been provided and uploaded to the Delta Green server in order to preserve it.


Circa 599,998 AD.


Is the true horror of the universe merely reflections of our own twisted psyche? What if we had ideas that could think for themselves? What if our dreams decided they no longer needed us?"

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