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Character Type: Beseecher

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Delta Green Archive:


The Beseechers:


These are a strange breed of "superhumans" who only exist in an alternate universe. The history of the Beseechers is not truly known, but it is rumoured that they were once a group of mages living in solitude who were sought out by power hungry pilgrims. The power of the Beseechers once came from their devotion to an avatar of the Crawling Chaos, but more recently Nyarlathotep has taken to choosing people it finds "interesting". Once a person has become a Beseecher, they are given possession of strange, reality bending powers that appear as "magic" to lesser, more primitive humans. Becoming a Beseecher is not a gift- no, the Crawling Chaos gives nothing for free. In being chosen to be a Beseecher, you enter a contract with the God-creature; you are given the powers and free reign to use them, but Nyarlathotep is forever closing in to enact payment from you. Your payment is your soul, to serve It in both life and death, eternally.


All Beseechers can be identified by their defining tattoos, the first stage is a single rune on your wrist, slowly developing into a complete circle around your wrist, it then spreads to your other wrist, and finally onto the back of your hands as closed eyes. Once these eyes are open all the way, you are It's thrall. Suicide offers no escape either, Beseechers who kill themselves find themselves before the true, unmasked form of Nyarlathotep... Naturally, the beast is not happy with their attempt to wriggle free from their gruesome fates and enacts torture beyond any human comprehension.


They have a heirachy of sorts, the newest Beseechers at the bottom, the older Beseechers higher up, beyond that are the Commandants- the chosen few- above that is the 1st Commandant holding high influence over the others and gifted with the power to call for aid from the Dark God itself.


The Beseechers are shown to possess the following abilities, if they have any more is unknown:


Aspect of Terror: By staring into a Beseecher's eyes, they can plunge a dreadful fear into the hearts of their victims, if the sanity of the subject is not shattered, they will run away and cower for a duration of 5 hours.


Aspect of Beguile: Beseechers have an unnaturally high charisma, but this power allows them to bend the whims of weaker minded humans to their will.


Second Sight: Beseechers are able to focus their brainwaves and gain a sight beyond sight, the pulsing lifeforces of nearby creatures are revealed to them, even beyond solid objects and other dimensions.


ShadowStep: All Beseechers- through their affnity of their master, are able to move silent and undetected in dark areas.


Summon Swarm: Astral parasites are pulled in from another plane and will attack anything living, draining the vital energies from a person and reducing them to a vegetative, zombie-like state.


Spacetime Manipulation: Do the Beseechers move at a supersonic speed, or does they move normally as the universe slows around them?


Summon Nyarlathotep: Come Dark Pharaoh! Come Ruinous Tyrant! Hear my cry for aid and make your presence known to me! (Invite him to parties, he likes that. But if you catch him in a bad mood...).


Does it give the Beseechers those powers to serve it's purpose- knowing they will soon be it's thralls- or simply give it to them just to see how they react to being in possession of those abilities?


A Beseecher... A bit like a Vamp character, they start off as powerful PC's but ultimately develop into NPCs as Nyarlathotep makes them a puppet. You can work out the MP/ SAN cost on your own terms. Cheers. Feel free to use them and let me know what you think!

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