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Sothoth Facility: File Update

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Archives from the Sothoth Facility 2:


5 Billion AD:


The year 5,000,000,000 is a forbidden time zone for D.G. Agents. It is also a part of the era where mankind's evolution has led them to become like the Outer Gods in form and mannerisms (?). It is forbidden due to the fact that none of our technology is capable of protecting us from severe mental breakdowns. (It's like being back in the Dark Ages! [1]) One Agent's goggles overloaded and shattered upon witnessing what we had become. Upon his reurn he appeared to have lost all sense of stability,and began to gouge his eyes out, shrieking. Another Agent put him out of his misery. No further information is known about this time zone.


[1] : Automated Notice: Agent Donnovan will stop annotating files.




A32X / "Forget":


Short of suicide, this is the ulitmate in last resorts. A D.G. Agent's job is- much like a Yithian- to travel to various periods of human history and preform recon. However, such travels are not without various hazards. Insanity and suicidal tendancies are common results of this profession. The A32X drug (Codename "Forget") is only available through black market contacts. As is suggested, Forget purges the user's short term memory, erasing whatever horrors the person may have witnessed, but also any valuable information gathered during such a time. Once an uncomfortably bitter pill, the drug was later refined into a pharmacopedic patch placed on the skin of the neck.


The Soulless:


They are the remenants of a cult of Nyarlathotep. Skepticisim set in when Delta Green finally executed their most ambitious plan and used a locallised Null Field to bind the powers of the Dark Pharaoh, who was then incacerated in Arkham Asylum and placed under constant watch. (Circa 600, 079 AD) By witnessing their God reduced to the butt of jokes by D.G., the Arkham cult went into dissoloution. The Soulless are now all that remains, clad in black trench coats and faceless white masks*, no-one can recall who they once were. The Soulless do not seem to be aware of the people around them, nor do passers-by often seem aware of The Soulless unless attention is specifically drawn to them. Without identity, or purpose, they often stand around in the Black Market, not moving, eating, or drinking. Due to this behaviour, people assume that they lack their souls.

One day, they just... Fade away...


* One Agent investigated, and found that masks they wear are infact fused to the skin!

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