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Files from the Sothoth Facility:

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Public access to files is revoked. All access to files must be authorised by users of a "Keeper" level authority. ;)


"The Sothoth Facility was first purposed in 4212 AD, and was fully operational by 4334. It is Delta Green's main archive and information processing facility, named for a certain trans-dimensional entity. The Facility's mascot's, Parma and Enlil, were artifically created, sentient bubble creatures that were a delight for visitors of all ages. But, with the AI supercomputer catalogging increasingly disturbing information, the entire facility was closed to the public in 4998, and the mascots were disposed of, much to the dissapointment of young children everywhere."


Delta Green Agents:


" Unlike our current, or past variations thereof, these mysterious Agents appear all along the timeline. Based upon their weapons and equipment, they seem to be from a far future version of humanity*. Their main directive when operating within the past seems to be the protection of mankind during vulnerable areas, and the protection of the "Chicken-and-egg" paradox that allowed them to reach such a point in time without 'Outside' interference."


"Additional Information from Yithian ambassadors have revealed their origin point to be from the estimated year 600,100 AD."


* Supplemental Note: The archivist who composed this file uses the term "human" as a placeholder, while the Agents she encoutered were human by name, evolution appears to have begun to evolve them to a form slightly beyond what we of this time would recognise as a normal human.


Delta Green Goggles:


"These curious devices are a vital tool in D.G. investigations. Mythos Specialists consdier these invaluable for the catalogging of crucial information, and the maintainence of an Agent's metal health. The single lense goggles function by generating a localised Null Field, and a perception altering effect that prevents severe mental breakdowns. By creating a temporary seperation- or "filter" between the conscious part of the mind, and the event being witnessed. The subconscious mind accepts the creature or event without question or denial, and makes it easier for the conscious mind to follow suit. A vital flaw with these devices is that they can often cause migranes after prolonged use."


Race of Yith:


"This curious race hails from an unknown time and galactic vector. Many suspicons still remain over their purpose here, most are due to their blatant refusal to share knowledge or technology with us. It is fitting then that the Sothoth Facility's schematics included a gamma wave E.M. field to prevent powerful psychic infulences, or mental transfers with the staff of the Facility, and all security bots have been programmed to recognise abnormalities in the brainwave patterns of any and all visitors, therefore our archives will remain closed to them until co-operation has been established.- Circa 4972 AD."


Yithian Embassy:


" The Yithian Embassy was created in 4872 AD as a political support for Yithian scholars who wish to study our era, or any who would consider wanting to make this place and time their permenant home. (Records indicate 4 rare cases of this occuring as of present.) Working in co-operation with EarthGov and Delta Green, the embassy decided that permenant mind transfers would be intiated with society's "undersireables". This scheme did not sit well with the general public and many outcries and protests occured as a result. Finally a compromise was settled upon, the 'Volunteers' for such an escapade would be criminals who's punishment was death. This way the benefits outweighed the losses. A supposed destruction of the embassy occured in 4921 AD when a politcal war between the Yithians and the Mi-go escalated out of control- further investiagtion places suspicion upon the Crawling Chaos for enticing this*- however the timely intervention of Delta Green and Yithian Agents, meant that this supposed destruction was lost to a paradox effect, and the embassy continued onwards down the alternate timeline of 4921 ADX, where the war never escalated.


* The enticement is something that he denies.

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