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Another Nyarlathotep dream

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Why won't this guy leave me alone? Is there something he's trying to tell me?

Nyarlathotep specifically scolded me not to write this up like " One of [My] stories".


Down, beneath the earth, I take stone steps one at a time.

The smoothness of the walls an steps, combined with their ancient age suggest that they were constructed by my ancestors, or whomever came before them...

Regardless of maker, it had been placed here solely for the purpose of my visit.


The darkness pressed in around me, I forced it back with the golden glow from a lantern I held out before me. Eventually, the stairs came to a stop, flattening into a corridor.

A few steps later, the corridor dipped in a few feet of inky black water. The dim light sparkled on the water's surface.

Something beneath the surface shrieked, driven off by the light. Unafraid, I waded through the water, up to my shoulders, holding the lantern overhead. Finally I made my way up, "ashore" onto silvery sand. A small beach in a subterran cavern!


With an annoyed groan, I brushed the leeches from my clothes and skin, placing the lantern on a nearby wooden cart. A simple stone throne was a short distance away.

My attention returned to the throne, now occupied by a tall, slim figure in rich white clothing. Long, black-as-the-void hair framed his handsome face. This was a sure departure from the last time. Now he seemed warm and welcoming.

I knew to remain cautious.


He tried to keep my attention with honeyed words, thinking me oblivious to the pale, bloated, waterlogged corpse creeping from the water behind me. I elbowed and kicked it away without looking.

Nyarlathotep was faintly amused.


'Why did you come here?'

'I'm here searching for the Horned God.' I told him.

He stood up, standing next to me and holding out a hand. 'Shall we search together?'

There were arcane symbols tattooed on his palm...

I held my hand back. 'No.'

'Do you not trust me?' He sounded curious, voice soft as silk.

'Not at all.'

He smiled, amused, voice normal again. 'Most wise.'


Then came the most interesting question as we walked.

'Are you a part of my psyche?' I asked. 'My Shadow?'

'Mmm....' He looked thoughtful, constructing an answer, as though I had caught him off guard. 'Yes and no...'

(How cryptic)

I began to think about how I would write this, not aloud, but he still looked annoyed. Hence my scolding.

'Do not treat this like one of your stories!'


At some point, we departed. Nyarlathotep vanished, stepping back into a deep, blood red fog that swept in from behind him, filling the area. He said that I could "find [my] own way out."

There was a hole in the ceiling, a bright blue butterfly , formed from light flew around just above. Philemon*, guiding me to safety.


I will say, it was nice to see a friendlier side of Nyarly, though what on earth he meant by "Yes and no" is something that escapes me.

Does he mean he is a part of my pysche, but not my Shadow?

Or that he is my pysche, but.... Also something else?







* For those who haven't played the Shini Megami Tensei: Persona Series, Philemon, apart from being Jung's "Spirit Guide", is a gentle creature created from the goodness of humanity's collective unconscious. His epiphets are; "Master of the Ego", and "Revealer of the Truth". He appears either as a butterfly, or a young man in a butterfly mask. Beneath the mask......

Go look in a mirror.

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