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"See No Evil" modified: operation OKTOBERFEST, part 2

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Operation OKTOBERFEST, continued


To this end, they went to the Yugoslavian consulate; however once in there, they blew their covers when the second secretary asked them why had they been so negligent to loose their passports and to accompany him, agent Decko said "What passports???" while agent Dida said even more idiotically "lets just go to the deaf room and then we can talk." Mr Petrovic was unimpressed. While he was happy to get the surveillance materials so far, and delighted with the idea of blackmailing Dr Popivoda into becoming a mole, he was now worried that the BND, which must have the consulate building under surveillance, will be alerted that something was afoot. Therefore he banned agents Dida and Decko to make contact with the others, and informed them that from now on they must maintain a cover of tourists with a nationalistic agenda. He warned them that as soon as they exit the building, they will most likely be under surveillance of the BND. He also critisised them for their inferior surveillance techniques, which puzzled them as they wondered how he had found these details out and whether there was a snitch within their team. Upset at their stupidity, the agents decided to go again to Oktoberfest, as that would maintain their new cover; all the while, they felt they were followed by a fat Bavarian in lederhosen sporting a big mustache; on one occasion, agent Dida actually saw him taking over from a blonde big-breasted lass with a glazed heart around her neck. Cornered, they decided the best line of action must be to go and ask for lodgings with father Simon of the local Serbian Orthodox Church.

Meanwhile, agent Fata observed Bostanovic's arrival, his nervous looks and the fact he carried his briefcase everywhere he went were soon noted (as she was particularly keen to have a look at it while he was out to breakfast!). Tapes from his room indicated that he was also cold with Sijakovic, but seemed quite friendly with Dr Popivoda and set to meet up with him for dinner and drinks. Surveilance indicated wheezing sounds from his room, and frequent visits to the toilet. Surveillance was continued, as his behaviour was deemed to be very suspicious.


The following morning, agent Reuss monitored Sijakovic as he went to work, spotting that, as he went out of the building, he was looking unnervedly around while holding something under his jacket; he was again adjusting that object as he went into the car. Reuss realised it must be a gun. He immediately alerted the police from a nearby payphone that a certain Mr Sijakovic from such and such an address was carrying a gun outside. Meanwhile, Krasnici obtained the tapes recorded at Sijakovic's flat, the only interesting bits were him talking to a certain "Bobby" (who responded by hushed barks and squeals) telling him how he knows the SSS must be after him, now more than ever, that they called him to work but he knew better than to fall for it etc. It was decided that agent Krasnici would break in again, and take photos of all the files and copy the entire HD. This led to the discovery of the Linz correspondence. The database of the "New Congregation" membership also proved invaluable; and agent Jovanovic, the team's techie was hard at work trying to break the code. However, all his efforts were futile, cause he lacked the source text for the encryption; many hours were spent trying out different Serbian nationalism classics, until they suddenly had the right idea, and used the Nacertanije by Ilija Garasanin. The cracked "Sundries" file, even more than the Linz correspondence, revealed the extent of Sijakovic's paranoia, and pointed out that the awaited occult contact was to be made soon, directly to him. Meanwhile, agent Reuss was contacted by the solicitors he had hired, and found that the former Mrs Sijakovic (now reverted to her maiden name Braun) lived in Hamburg. He bought the train tickets and decided to go there, believing that if he could manage to obtain the pictures of the boys, and plant them on Popivoda's person, he might cause Sijakovic to completely crack and the ensuing slaughter to spell out the end of "The New Congregation".


After they managed to escape the attentions of the priest and visiting nuns, who required them to do penance for indulging in the sin of gluttony (i.e. coming back to the church lodgings late at night smelling of alcohol), agents Decko and Dida (only slightly scarred by the experience) visited the Fast food shop in the Serbian community of Munich; together with some nasty smelling burgers, in takeaway bags they received the copies of documents Mr Petrovic had acquired for them. Then they proceeded to observe Dr Popivoda from a safe distance, assuming he would soon make a move to meet with his beloved Reiner. After hours of idleness, observing him going for drinks with Bostanovic (overhearing their conversation slightly - Popivoda was telling Bostanovic how he feels he's under SSS' surveillance), finally the evening they've been waiting for came; Dr Popivoda came out, dressed in a tuxedo, and went to the Opera where he met a handsome young man. After struggling through the performance of the ballet "Spartacus", which was definately not their cup of tea, the agents followed the two men across Munich, and straight into the gay district, where they visited a late night bar. The bouncer fancied them, and let them in; they acted as a couple, to blend in easier. They spotted Rainer and dr Popivoda and photographed them candidly, then managed to evade the attentions of the bouncer and his big boyfriend from the USAF and run away through the toilets. After Popivoda and Reiner left, they went for Reiner's flat; the agents followed them there, and then burst in on them - while Dida was holding Reiner, Decko was threatening Popivoda that he'll reveal his 'depravity' and ruin him, showing him the pictures from the bar. He again introduced himself as a representative of the newly created monarchist movement of the history students at the Uni of Belgrade, and said he'd have to cooperate and publish materials on Ljotic's collaboration with the Vatican and similar issues, which they will proceed to send him, if he doesn't want to see Reiner dead and the pictures sent to all the leaders of the "New Congregation" and all other Serbian nationalist institutions. Dr Popivoda was bawling and crying, screaming 'I don't care what happens to me or my reputation; just don't harm Reiner, let him go!' After they felt that the intimidation was strong enough, they left them and walked out. Their mission was accomplished.


Meanwhile, Agent Reuss visited Hamburg, where he managed to locate Frau Braun, a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to her sons' behaviour, living in a downtrodden flat in Altona. Her older son, Peter, had ran away from home to West Berlin, so that he wouldn't have to serve in the military as a conscript - he played in a rock band and lived in some kind of squat. The younger one, Alexander, was bad at school, listened to rap music and smoked. Reuss could easily negotiate with him - he bribed the boy to behave and then have a couple of pictures taken, his excuse was that the relatives in Croatia need it as proof of identity, together with the documents she was to sign. Frau Braun was extatic about the inheritance; she felt they deserved something from Sijakovic, who indeed payed his alimony on a regular basis, but did nothing more - didn't even make an effort to see the kids for the last two years. She said he used to be different when they married, before he got himself hooked up with those nationalistic Serbian movements. She was hoping, with the money from the inheritance, that she could send Peter to a good boarding school so at least he grows up to be a decent man. And there, agent Reuss left for Munich.


Meanwhile in Munich, something odd was going on; after regularly going to work, Sijakovic stayed home; then he made a move, quickly out of the building and into the car. The entire team was ready for a proper vehicle surveillance; agents Leonardo & Krasnici in one car, and agents Fata and Jovanovic in the other. They followed him to Frottmaning, a grubby part of town close to the big bus/rail terminal. He parked and quickly went for the shop with a "closed due to renovations" sign. The street was deserted, other than a cab which was parked on the other side of the street about 50 meters down the road, and the driver was lazily reading the nespapers. Fata and Jovanovic parked close to the shop, facing the taxi and waited. Leonardo and Krasnici (who had meanwhile had something resembling an affair) drove around and found the alley with the back entrances. They approached it, and then they heard a coarse old voice saying: "And now you shall see!" Followed by some chanting, which made the air all chilly and dense with static even outside the door where they were crouching. They backed off in fear; Krasnici stayed in the car in the alley, while Leonardo went around to come to the front door. In the meantime, shots were heard; then rapid series of events proceeded: Sijakovic ran out, clutching a gun in one hand and some kind of book in the other, straight in the road looking bewildered beyond insanity; at that very movement, the taxi geared up and with a screech ran straight into him, then backed off and ran away; agents Jovanovic and Fata gave chase, but they lost him. Leonardo ran in through the front door, seeing there a skinny old man, distiguishedly dressed with a ww2 decoration on his chest, dragging himself to the back door with a wound in his leg, and a scar on his forehead. He thanked Leonardo for coming, saying he was attacked by a lunatic while he was repairing his shop. Agent Leonardo, who later felt as if he was magically charmed by the old man, called him the ambulance. Agent Krasnici had meanwhile picked up the book Sijakovic was carrying and gave him first aid while waiting for the ambulance. He was in a severe condition, but the doctors thought he might survive.


Later, when agents enquired, they were told that the old man had disappeared from the hospital; while Sijakovic had died, apparently of a post-surgical heartattack. But at least the agents now had "Mein Triumph". Agent Reuss studied it a little bit, then sent it to the superiors.


The next day, Bostanovic very nervously tried to pull off his drug deal, and the agents saw through him easily and set him up with the German police.


After all these events, iguman Grigorije cancelled his arrival and the conference itself was called off.


The agents had accomplished their mission in full. Agent Fata asked for a permanent transfer to Munich and stayed working in the hotel; all the other agents were promoted and gained reputation in important SSS higer circles.


More details on the cast:




-Dragica Samara. From Bosnia, lives with her family in a flat in one of the suburban residential blocks in New Belgrade. Prone to bouts of violence (especially of the domestic kind), of borderline intelligence and an avid fan of folk music, the SSS considers her extremely valuable; she is highly skilled at extracting information and a nondescript working class individual perfect for undercover surveillance. Codename: Fata. [mythos encounter: nervous breakdown induced by visual and auditory hallucinations of a peculiar sort: she perceived her flat to be a XVII century French palace and members of her family as sly, arrogant courtiers whose speech she could not understand].


-Slobodan Milosevic. From Belgrade, studies Political Sciences at the University of Belgrade and is the chief agent for monitoring artistic life, youth activities and student bodies and institutions (i.e. The Student Cultural Centre, SKC). Has to indulge in the bohemian habits of the Belgrade contemporary/modern artists, which often take place in his grimy flat just across the street from SKC. Codename: Decko. [mythos encounter: nervous breakdown induced by alcoholism that led to him believing there were 2 moons in the sky, one of which was trying to assassinate him].


-Jan Prohaska. 31 years old; from Backa Palanka, member of the Slovakian minority. An obese man verging on alcoholism, research assistant to Kosta Cavoski at the Law School and personal friend of father Zarko Gavrilovic. His duties include monitoring the activities of the Serbian Orthodox Church and their liasing with the nationalistic elements at the University of Belgrade. His mother is a naive painter of some reknown, who is particularly fond of signing her paintings with names of other, more prominent artists. Codename: Dida. [mythos encounter: nervous breakdown induced by repeated persecutive manifestations of a beggar-like creature dressed in layers of torn rags, which he had named 'Old Woman with No Face']


-Dario Simic. 29 years old; Italian from Istria, art historian, research assistant at the Department of Art History of the University of Belgrade. Chief SSS operative at the Faculty of Philosophy. Codename: Leonardo. [mythos encounter: nervous breakdown induced by being persecuted by a giant Scaramoush-like marionette, who would point at random at people and declare them to be 'King's men'].


-Domagoj Reuss. 36 years old; From Zagreb, Croatia. Lawyer by profession, had worked for 5 years as an assistant district attorney, spent 3 next years in the Military Intelligence of the Yugoslavian National Army. For the last two years, works in the Croatian Security State Service in the department for monitoring the activities of the anti-yugoslavian elements abroad. Codename: Ustasha. No previous mythos encounters.

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