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Dreamland: Character Sheet.

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Character sheet:




Drake Donnovan:


A 19 year old seeking work, he and his family have recently moved into a new house. But it is in dreams that things take a bizzare turn.


Sarah Donnovan:


Drake's younger sister, she suffers from insomnia and can often be heard roaming the halls of her new home at night.


Melissa Donnovan:


The mother of Sarah and Drake. She remains oblivious to the odd goings on around the house.


James Donnovan:


The father of Sarah and Drake. He died long ago when the children were young. Nyarlathotep stole his form and uses it to try and twist Drake to his desires.


The Absent Horror/ Lazarus Mcmillan:


"Do not take this lightly, there are horrors out there..."


Later revealed to be the "Light" side of Drake's subconscious, formed from the better impulses of protection and growth.


The Hooded Man:


"That is all I wished for;... Acceptance."


Drake first believes this- upon finding a batch of Lovecraft's letters- to be the Crawling Chaos, but it is later revealed to be Drake's Shadow Side; a collection of all the things he knows he is, but refuses to associate with.




"Ooo... I'm gonna enjoy this!" :)


Later revealed to be a personifcation of the "Dark" side of Drake's subonscious, formed from suicidal, and destructive urges. Drake's pyschiatrist is also revealed to be another persona of this. 8-O


Not exactly a nice part of his mind, but a needed part.


Malign Echo:


"There is no point in living... All things must end! There is no point to anything! Go ahead, cry to the deaf void!"


A remenant of the beliefs (or lack) of Howard Philips Lovecraft, it imposes itself upon the manor in an attempt to turn everything into utter nilhism. Manifesting through the darkness, it will break down reality if Drake comes into contact with it.




Yah, Jungian POV makes things so much simpler...

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