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Smokeys going down.

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Playing the Hills Rise Wild from Arkham Unveiled so beware Spoilers follow.


Ron=Keeper and Jack Ryan Chauffeur

Zach=Special Agent Norman Jayden

Mark=Alistair Simms returning Missionary


So we made the journey back to the Stones Farmhouse with only a slight detour to the site where Jack was taken. We searched the area and apart from a little blood we were unable to find any trace of him.

Mr Stone was very agitated and kept trying to hurry us along understandable but I for one wanted to spend a little more time searching but Mr Stone was becoming most insistent so with heavy heart we left and carried on to the Farm. I could tell that Mr Jayden was also concerned about the lack of animal tracks at the site and I caught him more than once casting worried looks towards our guide.

We finally reached the Farmhouse and were relieved to find it in one piece and Hannah and young Zekle safe and sound.

After Mr Stone had warmly hugged his family we asked if anything strange had happened but found out that the family had passed the night safely and had heard nothing

unusual so after a brief meal and some restorative coffee we set out to the car to make the return journey back to Arkham.

Oh Lord you test me we were unable to locate the car it seemed to have vanished into thin air I've heard of cars being stolen in the big cities but from the middle of nowhere? we trudged back to the farmhouse and the Stone family seemed shocked to hear that the car was missing and denied all knowledge of knowing what had happened to it. We found this hard to believe and I think Mr Jayden was about to burst a blood vessel but having no proof we had to accept their version.

With some difficulty we managed to get Mr Stone to take us back to Arkham in his cart, again we were struck by how less helpful Mr Stone was becoming but I suppose that shock effects us all in different ways.

Mr Stone dropped us off outside the Police station and we went in to make our report the Police officer on duty was not that helpful to be honest and he seemed to think that it was some sort of hoax on our part. And after a lengthy discussion he finally agreed to send an officer back with us to look for Mr Ryan he said it would take an hour or so to arrange so he asked us to return later.

I must admit I left thinking unchristian thoughts about Arkham Police as I had expected a more professional standard of service I don't think a British Peeler would have treated us so roughly.

We decided that Dr Billings also needed to be informed as the other search parties needed to be contacted as soon as possible and told about the dangerous animal that was now hunting in the nearby countryside and maybe it would be best to cancel the search for the meteorite entirely.

Well I never what is it with the people of Arkham? Dr Billings seemed nonplussed at the news and told us that he would not contact the other parties and he was sure that Mr Ryan was okay and had merely decided to look for the meteorite by himself as he probably thought he had more chance without us. So with that brusque dismissal ringing in our ears we left and decided to use the excellent University library to try and find out what sort of local wildlife could be the killer. And after a quick search it seemed that the Black bear was the most likely candidate. Mr Jayden also found some mention of strange Pagan practices which the native Americans used to do in the nearby hills it was very interesting but not really what we were looking for to be honest I think he was distracted by the lurid pictures.

We had just enough time to purchase some guns before we had to go back to the Police station. Unlike poor Mr Ryan this bear would not find us an easy meal and we would keep the local people safe by hunting it down even if no one believed us. So with girded loins we headed back to collect the Police escort...... time was short we had a bear to track and a death to avenge.

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