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The Mythos Musings of Echofalls

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( Feedback is highly appreciated)


I've heard it rumoured that Lovecraft -in his youth- sought solace with the Gods of Egypt. But it appears that it was not until his shift into atheism that the Gods finally answered him.


He says that his inspiration for such Outer Gods came from his dreams. Could we be clever enough to assume that something existing on another plane came into contact with Lovecraft, but he- in his sleepy, skepitcal state- refused this as nothing more then a figment of his imagination and they became characters in his stories?


From a metaphysical standpoint, we could assume that such things are held true, as in the grand scheme of this universe humanity holds a great degree of power, or possibly better to echo the words of Teilhard de Chardin to... Carl Jung (?) I believe: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." I could be one to say that our minds have "synched" with the flow of other planes and the energies released from picturing or thinking of such entities have created Thoughtforms of said beings, in this they are certinally not the sanity snapping "Gods" of Lovecraft's world, but I could also just as easily say that there are things out there, for example there is a "Nyarlathotep" out there, on some plane.


At this time... I wonder if anyone here has gathered enough of a spirital belief that they have read the "Book of Old Ones" by 'Scorpio', it gives an insight into the summoning of such Thoughtforms. Not that I have personally done as such, but I have mentioned on another forum as:


"Kaija wrote:

StarsmacK wrote:

So you have invoked them before? How often, and what have your experiences been? If you don't mind sharing :]



Lets see Nyarlathotep is the one i manly invoked most of the times he came and watched me over and if he has something to say he WILL (note the caps) make it know to me he seems to be watching me and delivering messages that i cant understand but have noticed (they are transformative bringing me changes and some minor madness like paranoia and small shadows that seems to be um moving)


Hey, while looking around, I found this as well.




I know a guy who was contacted by Nyarlathotep. There was no violence or screaming, a little eerieness but that was to be expected.


About Nyarlathotep in his form as a Pharaoh

"...His eyes devour you, rip you to pieces and show you what we truly are. It is awe inspiring. It's like the comfortable warmth from being submerged to your neck in mud..."


Another said of his encounter there was only a sense of "deep understanding."


Now that's interesting, in that respect he sounds very much like Set, in the sort of "I'll show you what you truly are without bias" way. "


As I mentioned there: I feel that Nyarly was inspired by Set, or I could go further to say that it is Nyarly who is a mask Sutekh wears, not the other way around.



It appears that in our world, there is an intense warmth, not exactly Love per-se, but at least a level of friendliness, a feeling of being linked to every living thing. A far-cry from Lovecraft's uncaring cosmos.



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