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Fanfic: Mythos School

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Welcome to Lovecraftian School, we have the best facilities, finest foods, and... rather odd teachers.


Staff List ( Work In Progress):


Headmaster: Mr A. Thoth


A man who seems to have trouble with his workload, he spends the majority of his time in his office, asleep, when he is awake he seems to be perpetually drunk.


Deputy Head: Mr N. Tepp


A strict science teacher with questionable methods for teaching students. His mere presence drives a chilling fear into the hearts of his students. He may be dark and threatening, but- beyond detentions- he is essentially harmless.


Librarian: Mr Y. Goth


A man with stunningly pink hair and thick glasses. He is very hard to surprise and does not tolerate people mistreating his books. His son also attends the school.


Art: Mr H. King


An eccentric art teacher who hides his face behind a mask painted with colourful patterns. He seeks his students to look inside themselves and find the energy of the universe that can be turned into patterns on a blank canvas.


P.E./ School Nurse: Ms N. Shrub/ Shub


A woman who keeps to herself, she works two jobs so she can obtain two paychecks . No student can tell how to pronounce her last name.



PLease comment, it lets me know that I'm appreciated here. :( Try and name who the teachers really are ;)

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Okay, the Deputy Head is Nyarlathotep. In checking the spelling I find a short film made in 2001 with that name. Looks pretty good. have you seen it?

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