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Humanity and the Crawling Chaos

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Reading around, considering mythos, and taking a few little imaginative leaps, I have come to a conclusion:


We are his toys. Cultivated by him, for him.


It is he who keeps Cthulhu and his kin dreaming. He does so, so he may continue to play with us, crouch down and watch us, or just crush us- one. by. one.


The Mythos beings that we are... We see things- plans, pathways, ideas. Things other races do not.... Could that be why the Mi-Go so value our brains?


Currently we have no value within Lovecraft's universe, but- given time- we have the possibility to achieve greatness. Time we do not have, constantly being invaded, and having to deal with corrupt traitors of humans.

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Perhaps the Gods of the mythos use the emanations of consciousness/ intelligence (of 'Mind' itself, in a Jungian sense) as a kind of mana: their “technology” or possibly their very existence and continuance draws on these emanations of Mind as a kind of fuel.

Conscious beings are thus sought out (and "used up"). Possibly such beings are rare, and so a number of Great Old Ones have been parked on the Earth for so long just because they are waiting for humans to evolve (from animals into a more useful fuel-source).

Incidentally this usage causes distortions in 'Mind', always resulting in terror, depravity, and insanity.

Migo interest in brains could well be part of a far-reaching energy research programme (or this could be a facet of their interest).

The mind-suppression of entities such as Hastur then potentially speaks of sabotage ("blowing the oil-wells").

Is this why weird, other-dimensional Gods and Great Old Ones keep slave races?


Is Nyarlathotep an "Oil Man"?

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