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Nyarly being creepy

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Fanfic: Only Human


Chapter 2: Memory of a Massacre


" A malign force echoed on the air and he spun to face the hall once more, standing by the oak doors stood a man in a pinstriped suit, black shirt underneath, crimson scarf draped loosely over his shoulders, hands in trouser pockets. He was laughing at him, finding something about him utterly amusing, glowing eyes narrowed as spine chilling chuckles of utter mania continued. Then he was gone, a shadow of a man that had faded back into the walls of the hall.


Lazarus had no idea who that was, but just looking at him chilled him to his bones, like he was... not supposed to exist. He felt like his bones were hollow."


I drew my inspiration for Nyarly from here (Look under antagonists, it's pretty obvious. XD)




Better him being in a "Lost Village" then being punched and slapped by Alex Gale's mother for "How dare you touch my son!" and otherwise bursting in when he's scared her (adult) son...

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