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Fanfiction: Useless Fancies.

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Be careful what you wish for...


Ok, so I was told by the Admin to post it here...


Obviously I'm not going to post the whole thing here, that would be stupid (and because it's not finished yet.)


"The sun set in the distance as Nathan Dawn stood on the top floor of the city hall clock tower, staring out at the beautiful landscape, he could only stay here a little while longer, he had to meet someone... That view was so beautfiul, maybe he should bring Alex here afterwards? He stopped to adjust his tie and fasten the buttons on the cuffs of his white shirt, his appearence was scruffy, but it was the best he could find after overlseeping. He needed to calm his nerves, then he could go and- A sharp pain in his throat. He took steps back, stepping into the shadows of the tower. 'AAAAAGGHHH!!!!' He opened his mouth in a piercing cry of agony as the skin of his hands began to disintegrate before his eyes, like fire coursing through his veins, burning through his body, he could see his skin burning! His head aflame with pain as it spead down his arms, he stumbled backwards, tripped over the railing and fell backwards, tumbling through space.


The picked clean, blackened skeleton was crushed amongst the gears of the tower. 'So sorry...' A smooth voice stated from the shadows. 'But you just wouldn't do. I on the other hand...'


He slowly watched the candle burn lower before taking a sharp gulp from the wine glass. Bitter stuff... But good for calming the nerves none the less. 'This is the last time... I ever agree to meet with someone from the Yog-Sothoth forums...' he muttered ruefully, remembering the fat, boil covered woman who had turned up last time, having clearly said she was of a slim, tanned figure. < A small hint, Alex; People. Lie.> Just encase it was another night of boil covered figures with rancid breath, Alex had brought polo mints with him. Another gulp of wine. He felt a presence behind him, as though a dark shadow had fallen across him and the table. Taking deep breath to prepare himself for the living nightmare, he turned around..."


Ooh, the suspense. Of course dear Alex might not be so far off the truth... :twisted:

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