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Have you not heard of personal space?

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Playing the Hills Rise Wild from Arkham Unveiled so beware Spoilers follow.


Ron=Keeper and Jack Ryan Chauffeur

Zach=Special Agent Norman Jayden

Mark=Alistair Simms returning Missionary


So after Mr Ryan and Mr Stone left we got busy setting up the camp and after a wholesome meal of Beans and Bacon Mr Jayden got into the tent and I got ready to take the first watch. The sound of the Whippoorwills were soon my only company,well that and Mr Jaydens loud snoring which is why I missed the sound of someone approaching the camp.

I had just got up to get myself a cup of Coffee when a large figure burst out of the nearby undergrowth and grappled me holding me in a tight embrace. I found myself crushed in a Bear hug of prodigious strength my head pushed painfully back so apart from a brief glance as the dirty and disheveled figure rushed out off the shrubbery I was now unable to see my attackers face. I first tried to push the man off me but failed and I'm afraid I had to resort to violence but my punches were also ineffective I was starting to feel very afraid as the figure holding me had started to moan and cry I called out to Mr Jayden for help luckily my cries were able to rouse him I swear I have never known such a heavy sleeper.

With Mr Jayden giving a smack to the figures head with his pistol I was soon able to free myself as the figure was forced to release me as he staggered back clutching his head. The dirty bedraggled figure was revealed in the light of Mr Jaydens lamp to be none other than the recently departed guide Mr Stone. He seemed to be greatly distressed and said through great racking sobs that they had been attacked on the way back to the farmhouse by some creature. And he thinks that Mr Ryan had been killed he told us that had tried to help but in the end had barely escaped with his life.

We were shocked at this news and to be honest did not know what to do with this terrible news as it was still dark and had no idea what was out there. Mr Stone begged us to come back with him to the farmhouse as he was scared that his family might be attacked. Mr Jayden tried to convince Mr Stone to wait until daylight to be honest I think Mr Jayden mistrusted Mr Stone and I must admit that I was finding that Mr Stone was becoming less helpful the further we got from the farmhouse. Mr Stone said he could not wait he needed to get back to his wife and son as soon as possible and as he seemed genuinely scared and determined to reach his home no matter what I in all consciousness as a man of God could not allow him to make the now dangerous journey alone.

So after I asked Mr Stone to wait as I packed up my gear and that I would go with him Mr Jayden relented and said there was no point in him staying out here alone so he to would journey back to Levis farm with us.

So after packing up the camp site and treating a few cuts and scrapes on Mr Stone we set off on the long journey back to the Stone farmhouse guns loaded and ready in case we met this creature and hoping to find the Stone family safe and sound.

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