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I can see my house from up here.

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Playing the Hills Rise Wild from Arkham Unveiled so beware Spoilers follow.


Ron=Keeper and Jack Ryan Chauffeur

Zach=Special Agent Norman Jayden

Mark=Alistair Simms returning Missionary


Well after an uneventful night with only the whimpers of Mr Jayden to disturb us we awoke refreshed and ready to continue the search for this meteorite the lovely Mrs Stone had prepared us a hearty breakfast which was very welcome. After breakfasrt we gor startes with getting the camping equipment out of the car and into our rucksacks when that was done we set out with the kindly Mr Stone acting as scout for our little expedition.

We set off from the cabin and headed out in a Westerly direction towards a couple of small hills in the distance. After about an hours walk Mr Jayden again managed to walk into a bear trap,luckily no lasting damage was caused and Mr Stone was most shocked and sorry that he had forgot to warn us about these hunting traps he asked us to forgive him and as there were more ahead he will give us plenty of warning from now on.


So after a short rest some First Aid and a cup of tea we were again ready to continue the search.After walking for a while and fording a small stream we had finally reached our destination the bottom of the first hill.

It was decided to climb the hill as a birds eye view of the valley would no doubt help us to get a better idea of the terrain. Also Mr Jayden thought that we might be able to see some sort of damage trail caused by the meteorites passing.

A a few mishaps later caused by two of the party having injured legs we all made it up to the top of the first hill and the view was amazing. But unfortunately we were unable to see any sign of the meteorites passing. Just a very broken up landscape full of ditches and low hills which lay ahead of us. We decided to carry on and head off towards the next hill and try again to spot the metorites trail of destruction.

And after spending most of the day crossing scubland and a fairly tough escarpment which to be honest had left me winded so I bowed out and left the climbing of hill to the younger folk when we shortly afterwards reached the second hill.

The other two men led by the sprightly Mr Stone all made the climb successfully and called down that they could see a Mountain to the North and what Mr Stone said was a large swamp further off to the West but again no sign of the metorites passing could Mr stone be wrong in thinking it headed this way when it passed over his cabin?

Well after climbing back down Mr Stone suprised us by saying that he was done for the day and needed to head back home.He also said that we all should head back now if we wanted to get back before it got to to dark. Mr Jayden and myself said that we were happy to camp out as we did not want to waste time covering the same ground tomorrow but Mr Stone was most insistent that he had to get back.

In the end only Mr Ryan wanted to go back with Mr Stone and unable to convince us to leave with them they said they would meet us tomorrow morning at the base of the Mountain Mr Stone reassuring us that since he knew where we were headed he could take a few short cuts and should reach the mountain mid morning. Leaving us to set up the camp Mr Stone and Mr Ryan left us and walked off into the gathering dusk.

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