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Things that go crunch in the night.

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Playing the Hills Rise Wild from Arkham Unveiled so beware Spoilers follow.


Ron=Keeper and Jack Ryan Chauffeur

Zach=Special Agent Norman Jayden

Mark=Alistair Simms returning Missionary


The large bear of a man came up to us and warmly introduced himself as Mr Levi Stone who was a local farmer.After a brief chat where we explained our present dire circumstances Mr Stone came down and had a look at the car and after some thought said that he might be able to help but he would need to get some things from his home.Our disappointment was short lived however as he kindly invited us to spend the night at his farm.He also promised a hot home cooked meal which after driving for hours on very badly maintained roads seemed like a gift from God.

As we chatted with our new affable host he tells us that he had heard a large bang and the hiss of something shooting over head he thought it might be a thunderstorm but a little late in the year.

This cheers the whole party up as we were starting to feel that we were on some sort of Goose chase.

We soon approach a rustic but well kept cabin it seemed that Mr Stone does not suffer from the same malady of the other people we have recently seen.

Mr Stone bids us to wait for a moment as he wishes to tell his family that they have guests.The delay gave us some time to admire the suroundings Mr Stones cabin was a well appointed single story building surrounded by a picket fence and the sounds of animals could be heard nearby.There were a couple of small fields just beyond the cabin which seemed to have been recently harvested all in all it seemed a pleasant place to live.

Soon Mr Stone called us into the single room cabin to meet his family.His lovely wife Hannah and his young son Zekle his wife did look a little tired but I guess living out here must be very hard work the boy did seem to be a little shy and apart from a brief glance towards us he kept on with his whittling.

After the brief introductions I offered to help Mrs Stone with the cooking and Mr Jayden asked if he had time for a quick walk around the farm.Mrs Stone politely declined my help and Mr Jayden was told that the meal would be soon ready so there was no time for a walk.So he instead asked Mr Stone if there were any interesting sites nearby it seems Mr Jayden is a fan of Indian culture.

The meal was served on the large wooden table which took up most of the room and after saying grace we all tucked in to a hearty meal.After enjoying the meal Mrs Stone tidied up and we asked Mr Stone about the local area and what conditions we could expect tomorrow in the search for the meteorite.

After explaining the local flora and fauna he gave us the good news that he wouldn't mind joining us as a guide if we were willing.Mr Ryan and myself were overjoyed by Mr Stones kind offer but Mr Jayden whilst not saying anything seemed to be a little suspicious of the kind offer.But I guess that must be the curse of a Bureau agent in these troubled times.

I was a little suprised when Zekle asked if anyone wanted to join him in a game of hide and go seek Mr Ryan and myself declined but Mr Jayden said he would be happy to.

I can only guess that Mr Jayden had some sort of ulterior motive as Mr Jayden seemed to be of the hard nosed variety of Gman.

After a while even though the company was fine I was getting worried about Mr Jayden as it was now getting dark and we had not heard from either Mr Jayden or Zekle.

Mr Stone seemed unworried so we decided to let it be but a few minutes later Mr Ryan paused looked up and asked if any one else had heard a scream.No one else had but myself and Mr Ryan went out onto the porch to see if we could locate the source.It was by now pitch black and nothing could be seen of Zekle or Mr Jayden in the front pasture.Mr Ryan jumped down and found some tracks leading into the nearby wood.Mr Stone seemed to find are concern faintly amusing saying that he was sure it was just them playing a joke on us but myself and Mr Ryan decided to folllow the tracks.We called out their names and we soon came across Zekle who was alone after talking to him he explained that Mr Ryan had gone off the property and he may have walked into one of his fathers hunting traps with Zekle acting as a guide we explored further again calling out Mr Jaydens name.

From out of the darkness the staggering form of Mr Jayden came into the lamplight.He seemed very annoyed and even though it was obvious to both myself and Mr Ryan that he had hurt his leg he refused any offer of help saying that he was okay and that he had just fallen over.

Zekle looked towards us and said it looked like Mr Jayden had stepped into one of the Bear traps he seemed a little upset thinking he would be blamed as he kept repeating "Sir I told him not to go off the path I did" but as Mr Jayden seemed not be making a fuss I told Zekle that it would be all right and that accidents happen.It seemed that there was another reason to be grateful for Mr Stones kind offer to act as a guide as we didn't need anymore accidents like that happening. We turned back towards the cabin and followed the limping and cursing form of Mr Jayden back.


Will Mr Jayden admit that he walked into a bear trap,Will we get through the night or will Mr Ryans snoring lead to mass murder?The answer to these questions and more will be answered in the next installment of THE HILLS RISE WILD.

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