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    Tomorrow evening (16th April) sees a lucky few get the opportunity to play a game of Bookhounds of London in the world's oldest antiquarian bookshop – Sotheran's. It will be no surprise that all the tickets went in just a few hours and while we await reports of tomorrow's event I took an opportunity to visit Sotheran's in the heart of London's Piccadilly to talk to the game's organiser (and GM), Oliver Clegg of the Books Department.
    The following is an interview with Oliver about Sotheran's itself, The Great Omar, and the Bookhounds... game.
    Sotheran's Interview
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    ...and something different from Yoggie, an example of our new MythoVision recording format, also known as "VR180" (or 180º stereoscopic video). Watch it in a VR headset or Google Cardboard to see it pop into 3D for a great sense of immersion.
    Founded in York in 1761, established in London in 1815, Henry Sotheran's has a long and distinguished history selling antiquarian books and fine prints.
    I suspect many people are hoping that there will be more such games at Sotheran's in the future.

    Another edition of Table 7 is out – our chattiest of podcasts where Marty and I discuss all manner of things arcane, mundane, scientific and sometimes just plain weird. This time round we discuss Project 21, new RuneQuest, Staging Magic, the EFS, Bookhounds at Sotheran's, and Marty's latest terrifying invention in this rather alarming episode.
    Yoggie Patrons can pick it up now in the usual places.


    CBC, Mar 2019: A Wicked Show

    By PoC, in News,

    The Cthulhu Breakfast Club gathers once more, this time for its 50th meeting!
    Join the Yoggie crew as they discuss all manner of Cthulhu news, provide a few views, and discuss matters of the day in the convivial surroundings of a Yorkshire Tea Room.
    We lament Marty's absence for this fourth birthday of the CBC (he's been busy building his Death Ray – which we will no doubt put to good use later) but Chris keeps us entertained with tales of his upcoming appearance on BBC America.
    So come join us for this Spring meeting, take part in this month's giveaway, and share your thoughts with ours, in Breakfast Club!

    Val reading the latest Lovecraftian news in the March 2019 meeting of The Cthulhu Breakfast Club.

    For many years, various publishers in the Americas and Europe have had their books printed in China as a cost-saving measure (including many in the RPG field). Often the primary downside of this has simply been the time taken for the books to arrive, but it appears there can also be another problem, as the publishers of The Sassoon Files (a Cthulhu-based RPG supplement) have announced that all print copies of their book have been destroyed by the Chinese Government – for unspecified reasons.
    The Sassoon Files is a collection of Cthulhu Mythos scenarios and campaign resources set in 1920s Shanghai (for both Call of Cthulhu and Gumshoe systems) and was Kickstarted back in September 2018, raising some $24,000 USD from more than 500 backers. The volume was due to ship from the printers very shortly. As a result of this recent turn of events, the publishers, Sons of the Singularity, have released a video statement.
    If there were any silver lining to this unfortunate state of affairs it would be the notoriety this book will now receive as a result.


    Eternal Journal Expansion

    By PoC, in News,

    We launched our customisable notebook system, the Eternal Journal, last year and it's proved popular enough to produce an increasing amount of material for it. 
    Out now in the Yoggie Shop for Patrons are new maps, cards and record sheets (including Jazz Age floor plans for The British Museum, a large [42x60 cm/16"x24"] A2 map of 1920s Central London and more).
    Eternal Journal notebooks are ultimately configurable – even the covers can be changed. Over the coming months we'll be developing and expanding the range further.
    Here's the original EJ video featuring Marty where he goes through just some of the possible options available.
    Eternal Journal Cthulhu Core items are exclusive to Patrons of Yog-Sothoth.

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