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Zamora is a fictitious location during the Hyborian Age of Earth. It appears in Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian story The Tower of the Elephant.


Zamora is located in the east of Thuria and borders the kingdoms of Hyboria. To its south is Koth and to the east the desert of Shem, which is later conquered by Turan.


The capitol of Zamora is Shadizar a veritable den of thieves. There the Mau, is a slum like area filled to the teeth with criminals of every kind.

Shadizar also sports a large temple district to house the many Zamorian gods. The most prominent part of this area is the Tower of the Elephant. The Tower is the fortress of the high priest and magician Yara, the true ruler of Zamora.


Zamora is famous for its evil inhabitants, and local gossips will claim that there are "more bold thieves than anywhere else in the world." In fact one of their many gods is Bel the god of thieves.

Zamora is ruled by a king, but the true power is wielded by Yara, the high priest who uses his gem the Heart of the Elephant to destroy those who would go against him.

The Tower of the Elephant

Old Yara the high priest and evil magician lives in the Tower of the Elephant where he keeps his source of power the Heart of the Elephant. The tower itself is a cylindrical tower topped with crenelations. It is ringed by two tall wall and gardens. At the bottom of the tower is a watch chamber where guards wait and the top houses a deadly spider ready to kill any intrepid thief. Guards patrol the outer garden and lions hunt at night through the inner.

Inside the walls and doors are covered in precious gems and chests lie overflowing in the interior chambers. Yara sleeps just above the guard chambers while his source of power the Heart of the Elephant and a strange elephant headed alien from the green planet of Yag.

The alien from Yag appears as a green colored man but with an elephant head. Yara tortured the creature to gain what black magic it knew. Scarred by the rack and burning brands and its eyes have been torn out and replaced by shining topaz. Its people rebelled against the kings of Yag and arrived on Earth before humanity was born. This particular creature was the last of its race and remained worshiped by yellow skinned people in the east. Yara tricked it into revealing how to enslave it and brought it West and imprisoned it in the Tower of the Elephant.

When Conan the Barbarian was still very young he sought to steal the Heart from the tower. There he met Taurus of Nemedia the so-called prince of thieves. With a dust made "from the black lotus, whose blossoms wave in the lost jungles of Khitai, where only the yellow-skulled priests of Yun dwell," and a rope "woven from the tresses of dead women, which [Taurus] took from their tombs at midnight, and steeped in the deadly wine of the upas tree, to give it strength," the two managed to climb to the top of the tower. There Taurus died at the bite of a giant spider that guards the upper rooms. Conan slaying the spider discovered Yara's slave, one of the surviving aliens from Yag.

The alien explained its imprisonment to Conan and begged him to kill itself. After stabbing the alien Conan followed its instructions to bring the Heart of the Elephant to Yara. The Heart then sucked Yara into it and killed him. Conan aided by the magic of the alien was able to flee the tower. The tower then collapsed smashing into pieces.


Zamora and The Tower of the Elephant also appeared in the movie Conan the Barbarian (1982)