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Ymir, the frost giant, god-world of the Dark Ones

Origin: Norse Mythology

In the Mythos

Then said Gangleri: "What was done then by Borr's sons, if thou believe that they be gods? " Harr replied: "In this matter there is no little to be said. They took Ymir and bore him into the middle of the Yawning Void, and made of him earth, and of his blood seas and the waters; the land was made of his flesh, and the crags of his bones; gravel and stones they fashioned from his teeth and his grinders and from those bones that were broken." And Jafnharr said: "Of the blood, which ran and welled forth freely out of his wounds, they made seas, when they had formed and made firm the earth together, and laid the sea in a ring round about her; and it may well seem a hard thing to most men to cross over it." Then said Thridi: "They took his skull also, and made of it the heaven, and set it up over the earth with four corners ; and under each corner they set a dwarf, whose names are East, West, North, and South. Then they took the glowing embers and sparks that burst forth and had been cast out of Muspellheim, the realm of fire, and set them in the midst of the Yawning Void, in the heaven, both above and below, to illumine heaven and earth. They assigned places to all fires: to some in heaven; some wandered free under the heavens; nevertheless, to these also they gave a place, and shaped them courses." Next after this, the gods enthroned themselves in their seats and held judgment, and called to mind whence the dwarves had quickened in the mould and underneath in the earth, even as do maggots in flesh. The dwarves had first received shape and life in the flesh of Ymir, and were then maggots; but by decree of the gods had become conscious with the intelligence of men, and had human shape. And nevertheless they dwell in the earth and in stones....
— Snorri Sturluson, The Prose Edda

Ymir is, according to legend, a monstrous "frost giant" which dwelt in the lifeless void of Ginnungagap, where Ymir spawned terrible monsters from the pits between its limbs, until slain by the Elder Gods, who then created a shadowy, icy world in the emptiness from Ymir's remains, from which sprang the Dark Ones like maggots in rotting flesh, before being made conscious and intelligent by the gods. A cult popular among the Dark Ones is dedicated to the worship of Ymir as a god.

Planet Ymir

"And I looked from the north unto the west and saw there the worm that sleepeth not, and in that place was gnashing of teeth. And the worms were of the measure of one cubit, and on them were two heads; and I saw there men and women in cold and gnashing of teeth... And I inquired and said: Lord, is there no fire nor heat in this place? And He said unto me: In this place is nothing else but cold and snow; even if the seven suns rose upon them, they would not be warmed, because of the excessive cold of this place, and the snow...."
The Apocalypse of Paul (an apocryphal book attributed to the Apostle Paul but probably created much more recently)

The cold and icy home world of the Dark Ones is Ymir, a place of desolation with seven dim suns which give almost no light nor heat to those wretched Dark One astronomers and philosophers who make their home on Ymir's snowy, starlit surface, and only a slowly cooling radioactive core to provide a sickly and unnatural warmth to those Dark Ones who crawl through the shadowed horrors of the tunnels deep within Ymir's corpse. The "planet" is actually the body of a slain "god" or "Great Old One" - a formerly living "planet" covered in alien flesh around a skeleton of stone - which in life gave asexual birth to other monstrous gods from its "armpits", the cavities between its tentacles/arms/legs and its body. Ymir's corpse now drifts in space, a dead-but-dreaming, frozen, radioactive, bombed-out ruin erratically orbiting seven dying suns and crawling with its faithful "maggots", the Dark Ones, who have made their god's corpse their hellish, frozen paradise: through tunnels and great cavities deep in frozen Ymir the Dark Ones prefer to crawl and feast like maggots, clinging to the fading radioactive warmth of Ymir's dying core, near which they carve and build great and terrible wonders in the icy darkness in their workshops and forges deep within the cold, dead, radioactive flesh of their host.

Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes


Description of Cult: The cult of Ymir consists primarily of Dark Ones, though members of other races might join the cult to follow Dark One priests wearing the corpses of loved ones like clothing. Crow People are sometimes also associated with the cult of Ymir.

The cult believes that Ymir is not dead, but only slumbers, recovering from its wounds, and upon recovery Ymir will awaken from death, cross over from the Other Side into the paradise of the Daylands, and stride through the waking universe once again, rewarding the faithful Dark Ones with the gifts of warmth and light without death and renewing life in the image of Ymir and the Dark Ones upon all the dying worlds of the universe.

Associated Mythos Elements

  • race: Dark Ones, the native inhabitants of Ymir, or parasitic maggots living in its flesh, depending on point of view
  • deity: Loki, a trickster god who has meddled in the affairs of the Dark Ones since the fall of Ymir
  • loation: the Other Side, called Ginnungagap, the void where the world of Ymir is said to be located
  • race: Crow People, a race of messengers and watchers posted on the Other Side by the Elder Gods to guard the remains of Ymir; some have been corrupted by Loki and now serve his strange purposes


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